BMW R1200RS – Maturing Like a Fine Wine

They say that time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Well, this is certainly the case for me and my BMW R1200RS. Three years have now passed since it joined my fleet as ‘flagship’.

One Busy BMW

So, how has it performed over the last twelve months since I last updated you? Well, it has been a busy old thing: I have clocked up around 10,000 miles on the RS. This has taken the total mileage to around 16,500.  Taking in trips to the West Country, local jaunts in Worcestershire, a wonder to the Welsh Coast, a big tour of Ireland and a few months ago a jaunt around Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. 

Out an about in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. This is the NY500 cafe

Spanish Point in Southern Ireland

Somewhere in Ireland

All these trips have been dispatched in comfort and without a problem. On each outing the comfort of the bike, along with performance and reliability have all been impeccable.

Costs Under Control

The Metzeler tyres I fitted prior to my run to Scotland in 2022 are still wearing well after 4-5000 miles. This whilst remaining confidence inspiring in the twiddly bits. However, there is evidence of them squaring off a little, but I think there is another summer in them! We’ll see…

Other costs have been minimal. Just a service carried out by Cotswold Motorrad to their normal high standard. As an interim service it wasn’t even all that expensive. Just under £200.

Fuel consumption hovers around the low 50’s when pressing on. The BMW can eke a little more out if you are easier on it, nudging 60mpg on a few occasions. This pushes tank range to around the 250-mile mark.

On all the trips it has been ridden in company of others riding a wide variety of bikes ranging from a V2 Ducati Panigale to venerable old 600s. It has acquitted itself well on all occasions. If anything, it is a bit of ‘shrinking-violet’ and tends to blend into the background. When I pull up with a group of bikes it tends to be one of the machines getting the least attention. The RS is the ‘Quiet Man’; just getting on with the job in hand.

Just getting on with it 

Now for the Bad Bits

However not all is rosy in the garden: I remain unconvinced by some aspects of the build quality. The centre-stand has had to be rubbed down and re-painted every few months. I have also noted that the finish of the frame in some areas has needed a little touch up. In the defence of the BMW, it is nearly eight years old now and I am not noted for my fastidious cleaning regime. I do look after a bike, but I am not one of those who must have a spotless machine at all times. The RS gets used in all weathers too.

Overall, three years into my ownership and the RS is continuing to be a capable and dependable companion on my motorcycle adventures.

Pastures New?

However, I do feel that, our time together may be coming an end: As motorcyclists, many of us like to switch out bikes every few years. I have already tried a couple of alternatives. Notably a Suzuki GSXS1000GT. But other options are yet to be evaluated such as the Moto Guzzi V100 Maranello.

How about a R1250 or 1300GS? I hear you say. Of course, the R1250RS is also on my radar. Need to test ride an example soon. For me the RS is the better road bike when compared to the ubiquitous GS. I won’t be going down that path. Smaller, lighter bikes are also being considered. However I am unsure as to what model to go for. That Suzuki GSXS1000-GT did impress me on a test ride recently.

However, with only 16,500 miles on the clock of the RS, it has barely started out on life! It may keep its slot on the fleet for a little while yet.

Watch this space…

Words and Pictures: Tony Donnelly