Sharing some of the travel stories submitted by our readers. Whether it's across the world or to a local destination, on straight or twisty roads, we love to hear your motorcycle tales.

Yamaha YZF 600R Thundercat – Track Action From Almeria Circuit Spain

The trouble with track days in the UK is, quite simply, that they are in the UK! The tracks themselves are fantastic in the main. No, the problem is the good old British weather. Generally speaking, you just can’t rely on it to play ball. Having gone to all the trouble of booking up your Continue reading

The Isle of Man Motor Museum – Review

First open to the public just in time for the 2015 TT races the Isle of Man Motor Museum has quickly grown to become perhaps the premier motoring museum on the island. The extensive and varied collection is housed in a custom built, modern and spacious facility. Impressive and Expansive Collection As you might expect Continue reading

Yorkshire 2020 – I Wonder What the Other Cottage Was Like?

Back in 2020 the whole world was caught in the vice like grip of Covid-19. Looking back on it, they were crazy times. Just before the bug struck I had treated myself to a hoofing great BMW R1200RS sports-tourer. Great timing, absolute masterstroke! But after a few months the lock-down restrictions began to ease a Continue reading

Aberystwyth Valley motorcycle roads

Ice Cold in Aberystwyth

The weather forecast stated 25ºC and warming sunshine all day. This isn’t bad for early October in England. The last few days had all been in a similar vein. Just about perfect conditions to enjoy riding motorcycles! It’s Such a Perfect Day You can’t beat an English summer’s day: Temperate. Sunny and lush green countryside Continue reading

Morgan factory

The Italian Job Cotswolds Style!

There is just something about Italian machinery and vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether it is a car, bike, motorcycle, ship, or train. They may not be the best technically or yield the best numbers, but man they are always good looking, and have a certain brio lacking in the offerings from more, let’s say efficient Continue reading

Ireland 2023 – Rory Gallagher’s Brother

Today was a transitional day on our tour: We moved across from western to the eastern side of the country. In what was generally workmanlike ride we did work in a few points of interest. Notably Glenquin Castle, which is in fact an armoured tower house, rather than a full-on castle. Impressive structure all the Continue reading

Ireland 2023 – Flying Boats and Fairytales

On to day four of ‘Lap of Ireland’ and we beginning to get into the rhythm of the trip. All the dull planning and the anxiety about catching ferries etc a distant memory. Now, it was all about riding, enjoying the company of good mates and taking in the gorgeous countryside that we were lucky Continue reading

Ireland 2023 – The Boys are Back in Town

It felt good to be on the quayside in Liverpool alongside a couple of old friends, waiting to board the overnight ferry to Belfast. Eight days of biking adventures lay ahead once we had crossed the Irish Sea to start our lap of the Emerald Isle Days One and Two However, as is so often Continue reading

Europe June 2016 Part 4 We Will Fight Them on Beaches…

The last morning in Charleville-Mezieres passed uneventfully; after bit of breakfast and then loading our kit onto the bikes we steeled ourselves for the 300km haul to the French coast. As we pulled away the beautiful young hotel receptionist cried and screamed as she begged me to stay. Oh hang on, I had run over Continue reading

Europe June 2016 – Part 3 – Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

After the fun in parts one and two the trip continues: The trip was going well so far, even if we had done a little less riding and not got as far into Germany as we had hoped. Amusingly our enjoyable final breakfast in Trier was served by a convincing if unintentional Shania Twain look alike! Continue reading