BMW R1200RS: So is it STILL better than a GS?

My RS has ticked past 13,000 miles in total. About 7000 of those miles have been in my hands. Time for an update Getting Out and About – The Miles are Building Despite the best efforts of a certain global pandemic and its aftermath I have managed to keep building the miles on my RS. Continue reading

KTM 890 Adventure: Aint No Love in the Heart of the City

Subject of the latest Real Rider Review is the KTM 890 Adventure. Stuart Holliday was let loose for a brief blat while 1290was being tinkered with. OK, so he didn’t do any actual adventuring, but it’s an interesting insight nonetheless Take Your Opportunities:  ok, before I start the bike review, I need to set the Continue reading

BMW R1250GS 719 So are They Actually Any Good?

One of regular contributors was thrown the keys to a R1250GS whilst his F900XR was being serviced. This what he thought of the big, all conquering BMW: R1250 GS: As good as the hype? I’m not one for hype.  In fact I tend to avoid anything that gets hyped up just to be contrary.  Sometimes Continue reading

BMW F800GT: Compact but Capable Sports Tourer (2015)

A More Manageable Option? Don’t get me wrong I think that my current bike, a 2016 BMW R1200RS S Sport (pause for breath….) is a fabulous bike to ride: Fast, very comfortable and secure when punted through a bend with a little enthusiasm. It’s a bike that exudes a certain confidence. The quiet man that Continue reading

Yamaha Niken: Wonderful or Wacky?

Our latest Real Rider Review covers a bike that I am really interested in: The Yamaha Niken. Typically Yamaha have gone a bit left field and been the first to apply the two front wheels concept to a ‘Super-bike’. Peter Wills is the lucky man who got to have a try of this fascinating machine: Continue reading

Honda CBF500 (2006): You Know Where You are with a Honda

Time for another one of our popular Real Rider Reviews. This one recounts the tale of very hard working Honda. A bit of an unsung hero of the biking world. Take it away Dan White: The Simple Things in Life In mid-2018 I changed jobs and got back into riding again after a few years Continue reading

Small Ones are More Juicy – 250cc Selection

There is Something About a Quarter Litre Bike I don’t quite know why but somehow over the course of the 40 years I have been riding bikes, I’ve somehow managed to own quite a few 250cc machines. They are just big enough to be a ‘proper’ bike and still small enough to be light, flickable Continue reading

BMW R9T – Why Have Vanilla When You can Have a Strawberry Sorbet?

Next up in our series of  Read Riders Reviews is the BMW R9T. Steve has come to the world of flat twins from the towering competence of the XR1000. He has bought a slower, less well equipped machine with minimal tech. You know what? He absolutely loves it! Read on to find out more… First Continue reading

Ducati 950S Supersport – Slick, Quick, Capable

Eye Catching Looks I actually wondered over to Ducati Worcester to take a look at a 950 Multistrada as potential replacement for my BMW R1200RS. However the big ‘Strada wasn’t what I was looking for, but as I went to leave the dainty and pretty Supersport caught my eye. Like spotting a good looking lass Continue reading

Kawasaki KR1S – Way More Fun Than a DeLorean!

Two Stroke Time Travel! It’s amazing what a motorcycle can do: I don’t mean the way it performs, stops, corners or even how comfortable it is. No, the real magic is how it can make you feel: How it can melt away your troubles.  Genuinely I cannot think of another machine that can connect with Continue reading