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One Day

There is an old saying; ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions,’ rarely has this been better applied than in the world of motorcycle restoration. Or, more accurately the world of ‘non-restoration.’ Let me explain: In the corner of many a bikers’ garage, shed, outbuilding or even occasionally garden lies a forlorn motorcycle. Continue reading

Is Motorcycling Dying Out?

Its early 1981 and I’m in my final year at my secondary school in sunny Birmingham. Anyway, I speed through the school gates on my 10 speed racer thinking myself to be the real deal. But already in the bike park was a Yamaha FS1-E, the legendary ‘Fizzie’. Another 16 year old in my year Continue reading

The Joy of Six

Its August 1978 and I am an impressionable 13-year-old petrol-head. At this stage of my life, I was more into cars than bikes, but they still fascinated me. My eldest sister worked at a bike shop in Northumberland. The long defunct Fewsters of Alnwick. They also sold Datsun cars and Massey Ferguson tractors. I loved Continue reading

In the Bleak Mid Winter – Out and About on a YZF600R Thundercat

Late January 2024 and it’s beginning to feel like it has been raining forever. The sky is grey, and world is dark and dank. The UK is just recovering from being battered by a series of named storms and everyone is skint after Christmas. We are all waiting for pay day as if it is Continue reading

The BMW GS – Was the Success Really Down to LWR?

2024 will mark the 20th anniversary of perhaps the most iconic tale of motorcycle adventure to reach our TV screens. For in 2004 two actors, both riding a BMW R1150GS Adventure set out from London to reach New York, via The Long Way Round. They went over land, east to west. An epic trip, spanning Continue reading

The Rotary Engine Bike – A Blind Alley or Genius?

There have been a few development blind alleys for motorcycling over the years. One that immediately springs to mind being turbocharged engines. Others such as hub-centre steering still regularly crop up. Arguably even the brave shout by Kawasaki to develop the mighty supercharged H2R could fall into this category. I even find myself wondering if Continue reading

The Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum – Review

Six years have passed since I last called in on this wonderful museum. I was in the area again and as I heard that some changes had been made a re-visit seemed appropriate. Changes for the Better I am pleased to report that the changes have been entirely positive. More importantly the great man himself Continue reading

Yamaha RD250F – Friends Re-untied!

I bought my Yamaha RD250F, registration MHK 210V in March 1980. Gleaming and brand new. The bike looking fantastic in the now iconic yellow with black racing blocks colour scheme. I was a proud young man as I rolled away gingerly from the forecourt of Mistley Garage. They later moved to Colchester and became T Continue reading

Are You Riding the Wrong Bike?

Do you find yourself coming up with reasons not to go out and ride your bike? Weather is too hot or too cold. You come out with phrases such as ‘I don’t like going out in the wet’ ‘Shame I  have to carry a pillion and /or some kit’ ‘I don’t want to get it Continue reading

Clutter – Is Biking Getting Too Complicated?

A couple of things happened over a weekend away with some fellow bikers recently that made me ponder: Not about places to go, the best line to take a corner or the merits (or otherwise) of this bike or that. No, rather it was the technology we all saddle ourselves with these days. Let me Continue reading