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Blasts From my Past – Yamaha RD250LC – Autumnal Adventures

Test passed, now for something quicker! I passed my bike test back in the days when merely returning from your ride with a pulse was sufficient to get you through. Immediately I graduated from my cute, but somewhat beleaguered Honda CB100N to a much cooler (and quicker!!) Yamaha RD250LC. Picking one manic ride from the Continue reading

Triumph Motorcycles – Factory Tour – If They are Cool Enough for McQueen….

The rebirth of Triumph Motorcycles since 1990 has been a truly amazing success story. They have grown to a point now where they are a global brand once more. Triumph now have sales and manufacturing sites all over the world. The bikes are very well regarded by both the motorcycle press and owners alike. A Continue reading

Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum – Review

Tucked away in the Wiltshire village of Calne you will find the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum. Being honest, I have to admit that I had never heard of it until very recently. But the feedback I’d heard and read was very positive. So I decided to check it out for myself. Hidden gem Upon arrival you Continue reading

Honda CD 200 – Learns to Fly!

The adventures of the much abused Honda CD200 continue: Over to Mark Truther Hardy On my the trip around Wales, I found that the Honda picked up punctures faster than my old Suzuki  X5 blew cranks! Not only is this is a lot cheaper to fix, as a bonus the CD used no oil, and Continue reading

Honda C50 – Walking The Dog

My first honest to goodness motorcycle! Back in bleak days of 1981 £25 represented nearly one week’s wages for me. The joys of life in ‘Maggies Britain’. However it was enough for me to buy my very first honest to goodness motorcycle, a 1972 Honda C50. That’s right; the ionic ‘Stepthru’. Widely regarded in the Continue reading

Honda CD200 Benly – Adventures of a Puncture Repair Man

A highly amusing tale as recounted by our newest guest writer Mark Truther Hardy: After a short unsuccessful time with a Suzuki X5, which involved teenage tuning attempts and broken cranks. A mate offered me a tidy Honda CD200 Benly Even a Honda is Better Than no Bike! ” Er thanks …but I can’t afford Continue reading

The Isle of Man Motor Museum – Review

First open to the public just in time for the 2015 TT races the Isle of Man Motor Museum has quickly grown to become perhaps the premier motoring museum on the island. The extensive and varied collection is housed in a custom built, modern and spacious facility. Impressive and Expansive Collection As you might expect Continue reading

One Day

There is an old saying; ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions,’ rarely has this been better applied than in the world of motorcycle restoration. Or, more accurately the world of ‘non-restoration.’ Let me explain: In the corner of many a bikers’ garage, shed, outbuilding or even occasionally garden lies a forlorn motorcycle. Continue reading

Is Motorcycling Dying Out?

Its early 1981 and I’m in my final year at my secondary school in sunny Birmingham. Anyway, I speed through the school gates on my 10 speed racer thinking myself to be the real deal. But already in the bike park was a Yamaha FS1-E, the legendary ‘Fizzie’. Another 16 year old in my year Continue reading

The Joy of Six

Its August 1978 and I am an impressionable 13-year-old petrol-head. At this stage of my life, I was more into cars than bikes, but they still fascinated me. My eldest sister worked at a bike shop in Northumberland. The long defunct Fewsters of Alnwick. They also sold Datsun cars and Massey Ferguson tractors. I loved Continue reading