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The Glory Years of the 1970’s and 80’s, but Why?

I constantly see references to the 1970’s and 80’s as being the best days for biking, but never an explanation. Well here goes: We saw the dawn of the ‘Superbikes’, the dream machines on posters pinned to our walls that became real as we left school and got jobs. Rites of Passage Initially  we rode Continue reading

The Screamin’ Beemer

The graybeards out there in motorcycle land may relate to this account: April 15th, 1974. My dad was overseas on a work assignment and so it would be up to me, at sixteen years of age, to negotiate the purchase of my first highway motorcycle. Building Up My Experience My first bikes all really belonged Continue reading

The 10 Best Looking Bike Engines

One of the cornerstones of the character of any motorcycle is the engine that provides it’s power. This true to the extent that certain manufacturers derive much of their image from the layout of the engine. A brand and engine type can even become synonymous Think of Ducati:  90º V twin. Harley Davidson: Big meaty Continue reading

Forty Years: Perceptions Can Change

I find it hard to believe that over forty years have passed since I was lucky enough to ride a motorcycle for the first time. When I look back over that period I note that some bikes I owned were considered by some to be  unloved and worthless. Now a number of the these old Continue reading

Greater Manchester Blood Bikes – A Few Days in the Saddle…

My old friend Steve is a very experienced biker with a long history of riding and when the chance came to do something positive with his passion for bikes he leapt at it. We all see the Bloodbikers out and about on their fully liveried bikes and riding and presenting themselves in a very professional Continue reading

Unloved and Worthless Bargains: What was the trend in 2022?

Adrian Budd is an expert on the underbelly of motorcycling, seeking out the bikes that others ignore and dismiss, his excellent and interesting FB group is well worth checking out.  Winners and losers? Which bike models have seen values soar and which have seen prices fall in 2022 ? We have the fulcrum ( yes Continue reading

Motorcycle Museum Live 2022: Britain Bounces Back!

Well as autumn draws to a close, the clocks go back and the nights get ever longer biking can be a bit less appealing. However the cold, damp and dark doesn’t mean the fun for 2022 is completely over. Thanks to Facebook I clocked that Museum Live was going on last weekend at the wonderful National Continue reading

Borders Classic Bike Show: Classically Educated: 09/10/2022

Not Your Normal School Fundraiser! Most primary schools run a myriad of fund raising events. Often they are derivatives of the Bazaar, sponsored walk,  or Jumble/Table top sale theme. So when a school does something a bit different, I think it is to be congratulated for thinking ‘out of the box’ as it were. When Continue reading

House of Honda – The David Silver Collection

Everyone Has Owned a Honda Back in 1982 the very first motorcycle that I ever owned was 1972 Honda C50. It wasn’t even road legal; I just used to hammer about locally on it, as me and series of my equally hapless mates dished out abuse to the poor thing. However it gave me the Continue reading

Unloved and Worthless: Big Bike v Little Bike?

So is a Small Bike Really Cheaper to Run? I had hoped to present to you a comprehensive ‘Owners Guide’ to the advantages and pitfalls of owning a small bike over a large bike. Theory says the small bike will win hands down in the financials and at first my research looked likely to confirm Continue reading