Yamaha 700 Tracer GT – The Quiet Man – Review and Road Test

The MT07 first came on to my radar when I test rode an example not long after they came onto the market in early 2014. I was impressed; the bike was fun, could be flicked about with ease and with 74bhp on tap it was reasonably brisk too. Then a couple of years ago I was on a ride out led by none other than Nick Sanders and he was riding a MT-07 Tracer that he was about punt across the frozen wastes of Mongolia (never has been one for pootling to the shops has our Nick…). If he trusts one that much  they are undoubtedly a handy piece of kit.

Recently I have been  looking to get a more comfortable bike for longer trips and for my two up riding when the poor old Mrs gets dragged along with me. The new GT version of the Tracer comes complete with a set of colour matched side cases, a manageable seat height and on the demo I rode a comfort seat. All this on a bike for around £8k seems almost to good to be true

I took the little MT over one of my standard runs up over Clee Hill and covered around 40 miles or so. What a cracking bike…quick, cornered well and the brakes dealt with the available performance without any fuss or drama. It looked well built too and I really enjoyed myself for the hour so I was out. There are a few downsides however and I have to say the bike is a bit lacking in character…it is a bit like that quiet bloke in the office, but he good at his job, always on time, never off sick and never asks for a pay rise. This is the MT07 Tracer GT to a tee fortunately. There absolutely nothing wrong with it, the ONLY thing it lacks a little soul and ironically the ‘comfort’ seat wasn’t…not for me anyway and I come ‘pre-padded’ so to speak!

Looking very cool in blue

Perhaps a few miles to add some scrapes and marks and an exhaust with a bit more of bark might help, but even as it stands though the bike is good to ride, offers the comfort and luggage space I am after and is great value for money. It could just ‘talk’ to me a bit me.

There is only one thing for it….I am going to have try ‘big brother’ the 900cc triple Tracer GT….

Yamaha 900 Tracer GT – Just really, really good