Benelli TNT125 road test

Benelli TNT125 – The Baby Brutale! Review of this little stick of dynamite!

Well I have finally achieved a biking dream: I have ridden a Benelli!  So was it a fabulous 750 or 900 Sei…a six cylinder bike years before the CBX or Z1300? No. OK, Ok was it the snappy, nippy  2-stroke 2C? The Italian take on the Yamaha RD air-cooled, Errr…no. Oh alright then was it the Tornado? The glorious wailing triple featuring super cool twin fans sticking out the back? Errr…no. So iy must have been the explosive 1130cc TNT? Again no, but you are getting warmer! It was in fact the little 125 TNT, and here is the crucial bit…was it fun? Oh yes!

A strange mix of later day Monkey bike meets modern day Super naked…but it kinda works!

A friend of mine, who generally ride a HD or Duke has decided it was time he had a little contrast in his bike fleet, so as a counterpoint to his mighty V twins he has treated himself to a brand new little 125 TNT and was good enough to give me a go. I was smiling before I even got on…the styling is a scaled down tribute to a MV Agusta 1090 Brutale, down to the twin, stacked single-sided  pipes! I leapt aboard and revealed in the fact I wasn’t on tip-toes for once and roared off around Stourport-on-Severn to enjoy myself. What a little ‘fun-bus’…surprisingly comfortable, it goes as well as any modern four stroke 125cc bike can do and all the controls were slick and light to use as you’d expect. You could chuck it about with aplomb and really brings out the naughty teenager in you. The cornering is good for the performance as are the brakes and I have to say I loved my little jaunt on ‘The Baby Brutale’. At £2400 they are not stupidly expensive either….they would make a cracking second bike!

I before you moan about it being in the Italian section, I know it was made in China…so was your iPhone!

If you want one try Readspeed in Stourport on Severn….