Zero SRF – A Positive Experience – Owner’s Review

It’s sometime since we last featured an electric motorcycle on Bikemeet. Are they the future for us all? Sean Wilkes has taken the plunge early with his SRF from Californian set up Zero Motorcycles. Over to him for some real-world experience of  riding and owning an electric bike…

In this review I am trying to give an insight to living with my Zero SRF, an electrically propelled motorcycle. She is known affectionately as ‘Leccy Lucy’ now by the way!

An electric bike with an electric footballer…

In the Beginning

The story starts a couple of years ago: Remember that stupid ‘fuel-crisis’ when folks sucked the pumps dry & prices nearly hit a tenner per gallon? I couldn’t get even one gallon of fuel for my Kawasaki VN1500. Not for love nor money. Well that hacked me right off! So much so that I thought, fook it, let the electric experiment begin! I know, it is the ’dark-side’, but it was this or back to a horse and cart!

Do Your Research

Anyway I did it with a little help from various Facebook groups and market place. It is important to do your homework first! I found a second-hand Zero SRF at good price and bought that. To help charge it at home I built a solar setup. Again, with help from groups on Facebook dedicated to solar energy. Not only does this set-up provide the power to charge the Zero, but to run my house as well. Incidentally all the equipment was sourced used via market place. This just seemed logical to me: The price of domestic electricity keeps going up.

Anyway, one experiment over and I am very, very happy with the results: A decent  reduction in my household bills  & free miles on my bike! What’s not to like?

So What is it Like to Ride?

My first test ride on a SRF was from dealership Streetbike of Halesowen. I should have had an hour but only forty 40mins later I took it back. I told the salesman, you can keep it! The Zero was the quickest way to lose my licence!

He said ‘So you put it in ‘Sport’ mode then?

‘No’ I replied. I left it in Standard mode ( or whatever they call it!) as you handed it over!

The thing flew: It’s the only bike I’ve ever ridden that felt as if I had left my soul behind for a split second when accelerating away from a standstill! I’ve had plenty of big, powerful bikes in past too over the forty-five 45years I’ve been riding. I just couldn’t get that feeling out my head! Six months later I bought ‘Leccy-Lucy’…

The Future meets the Past


How have I got on with ‘Leccy- Lucy’? During 2023 I rode three times more than my typical mileage over year than when riding my ICE bikes. I’ve not spent a penny thank to sun power from my solar set up. As a little bonus, charging at some public stations is free for motorcycles! I’ve done over 7k miles since buying Lucy and have had not even one issue, not one! The Zero is bloody amazing!

No Slouch…

Performance? Put it this way; I’ve only ever used Sport mode 3 times: It’s just not needed. The Zero kicks out 190Nm of torque from word go! Acceleration is just insane. Now my buddies call ‘Leccy-Lucy’ the ‘Silent-Sniper’!

There are actually five selectable modes: Eco, Rain , Cannon Standard and Sport. In addition, there are another 10 modes you can customise yourself to suit your riding needs all via an App on your smartphone.

Bosch stability control, Traction Control, ABS are all the goodies you’d expect on a premium motorcycle. All can be found on the Zero.

It Can Stop & Corner Too…

Brakes are good; the front disc is brilliant, but the rear set up is not so good. However, with an electric motor & regenerative braking, the conventional brakes aren’t needed as much: Regen feels like engine braking only stronger.

You can’t beat having good bouncy bits

Suspension is very good ,& she handles beautifully on the twisties. Great fun!

Good Tech

The TFT screen is fully customisable via your phone too. However, the range meter is only accurate at that precise moment. I call that more of a ‘Guess-o-meter’ and don’t I rally bother with it. I use the % bar readout to assess the level in the ‘petrol-tank’

It’s all there on the crisp and simple TFT screen

Over the summer the Zero gives about 1.5+ miles per 1% of charge as a guide. In the winter this does drop a little; say to about 1.25 miles per 1% charge. This all depends on how hard you ride, tyre pressures & what mode you have the bike set on etc, etc.

Range Anxiety?

I’ve never ran out of juice yet: The lowest percentage of charge I’ve got Lucy down to is a slightly nerve wracking 2%! I’ve tried on a couple occasions to reach the 0% club, but she’s still made it home with ease.

No clutch or gears makes the SRF a lazy man’s bike as I say. There is a slight noise from the motor. This sounds like a supercharger whine! I like this a lot! You tend to hear new sounds around you unlike my old ICE bikes: No vibrations & no heat in summer either as there’s no engine. Just smoothness & linear power .

I did loads of studying as to the longevity of the brand before buying a Zero: They have over 165 million miles under their belt. This gave me the confidence to make my purchase. Overall, it has been the best move I ever made:  The mighty Zero always puts a smile on my face whenever I ride her. You can’t say fairer than that…

Story: Sean Wilkes

Editor: Tony Donnelly

Pictures: Sean Wilkes


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