Murray’s Motorcycle Museum – Isle of Man

As might be expected of a place with such a strong link to the world of motorcycling, through such legendary events as the TT races, the Isle of Man loves all things two-wheeled.

Nowhere is this more evident than at the eclectic and quirky Murray’s Motorcycle Museum. Located not far from the famous Fairy Bridge on the road to Castletown

I visited during the Manx GP in 2022 and as a result the museum was really busy. On a lovely sunny day it was great to be mixing with so many likeminded people. As an additional bonus the bike park itself was like miniature bike show! A stunning BSA particularly stood out for me. We hadn’t even gone inside yet!

A very traditionally attired gentleman and his beautiful BSA

(Picture: Julian Oliver)

Once in, having paid the (very) reasonable entry fee of £5, you are greeted by what is, frankly, an assault on the senses. There are bikes and artefacts literally everywhere. I would advice that you go around slowly. Make sure that  you look up and side to  side, making sure to look around things. There are items of interest absolutely everywhere

So Much to See

Obviously the bikes are the star attraction, but there is so much else to see. Old engines, artefacts and memorabilia abound. The Raleigh Chopper pushbike with a moped engine/transmission installed just hanging on a wall is a prime example. As are all the old photos and posters from years gone by taken at the TT and other events held on the island.

Engines and memorabilia abound

First bike to catch my eye was (obviously) a Yamaha RD350LC. I seem to have acquired a reputation for always including a reference to, or a picture of a RD I’m many of my posts, blogs and articles. Well this one will be no different! A stunning white LC, what’s not to like??

Yamaha RD350LC

Amongst the bikes on display was a tidy blue Honda 400/4 once owned by a friend of mine (hello Helen!)

My old mate Andy was certainly enjoying himself

The mount of a legend

Impressive line up

We ventured up the slightly rickety stairs to be greeted by yet more bikes and displayed packed with fascinating items

You have to take time to absorb all the detail

Mick, also enjoying himself

The bikes on display spanned the decades

Still enjoying himself

Overall the museum is an absorbing place to visit.  I would highly recommend that you pop in and visit whenever you’re over on the island for  any racing events, or even just as a tourist.

Words: Tony Donnelly

Pictures: Tony Donnelly and Julian Oliver (BSA)

Also worth checking out on the island is the huge collection at The Isle of Man Motor Museum