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    Not sure if this will work but hopefully there will be a link here to a worthwhile solo charity ride out being attempted by a terminally ill Herefordshire farmer who is riding around the British coast to raise awareness about kidney cancer.
    I’m going to try to join him on part (or parts) of his journey to show support….. Looks a good route. See you there?


    Looks good and I wouldn’t mind meeting up and riding for a bit with him.


    Good cause, I would be up for riding some of it with him if we can work the logistics out


    He’s got his route and dates on that link – I’ll check it out tomorrow and try and arrange to join him somewhere: though I think that his Welsh coast stint is when we’re at the TT…. Could be a good bet for non-TT riders?

    So Debs and I will probably join him for some of the East Coast in August (route includes parts of the Midlands, Worcester and Leominster!) or the South West leg in early September (depends on where the weekends fall…).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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