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    Hello everyone, I have a ridicously loud Yamaha Jogr 49cc scooter. I don’t ride it anymore because I’ve got a motorbike but it is incredibly loud, in fact it was measured at 107db at 1 meter (at maximum rpm)!![:0] It has a modified race exhaust which doesn’t have a cone inside.

    It can be heard from many miles away and 107 db is enough to to permantely damage your hearing and make you lose your hearing all together! It was fun to ride cause everyone looked and I’m surprised I never got pulled over by the police. To add to the noise it also had a custom built high pressure air horn! lol I have never come across a louder scooter before, its probably not the loudest mabye by far? but it was certainly, incredibly loud!!

    I have now moved away from that and currently ride a sensible, quiet Yamaha sr125. [8)]


    lol hi Classiccheese, welcome to TBF, a loud ped eh? Bet car drivers still pulled out on you as if you were silent and invisible lol [;)] loud pipes save lives [:D]


    Hey, yeah cheers, its quite a good forum! Yeah I know what you mean. But they can hear me coming! and I did get some funny looks!! In slow traffic it was embarrasing but most of the time it was well fun. I am gonna put the air horn on the 125 [:D] When you get near misses because of bad drivers, the horn certainly lets them know that theyre drving like a t**t. lol So what bike/bikes u got?


    KTM 625SXC Supermoto – not that loud but turns you into a hooligan. Huge fun

    GPZ900R Kwak – Standard bike, 20 years old and counting. Have done 18000 miles across Europe on it with no problems at all.


    I currently ride a 1998 Yamaha Thundercat and a 1986 Yamaha FZ600, just sold a Yamaha XJR1300SP

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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