Pre-2007 motorbikes to be subject to a £12.50 toll in London

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    The latest mad hat idea from Boris…

    From 2020 pre 2007 motorcycles will be charged £12.50 (!)

    From Visor Down:

    RIDERS of motorcycles made before 2007 face a £12.50 daily charge to enter central London under proposals by the capital’s transport authority.

    Bikes will be charged at the same rate as cars and vans under Transport for London’s plans.

    The daily charge for entering central London’s proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will apply year-round. 

    The charge will affect bikes made before July 2007, when the European emission standard known as ‘Euro 3’ became a minim requirement for new motorcycles. 

    The proposed introduction date is September 2020, by which time affected machines will be 13 years old.

    A public consultation on the plans says: ‘The ULEZ would require all vehicles driving in central London to meet new exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards). The ULEZ would take effect from 7 September 2020, and apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A vehicle that does not meet the ULEZ standards could still be driven in central London but a daily charge would have to have been paid to do so.’

    The Motorcycle Action Group is urging riders to respond to the consultation.

    MAG’s National Chairman John Mitchell said: ‘Although less than 1% of emissions are predicted to come from bikes, the planned charge is the same as that for cars, vans and minibuses.

    ‘Please have a look at the consultation website and respond.’

    Seems barmy to me and totally unfair to charge bikes the same as cars and vans, a friend of mine who rides a 98 Thundercat like me said this on FB

    “Looks like I’m being forced off my carb’d bike which is more economical than the Euro 3+ emission machines ;( Predict there will be a dearth of very cheap, can’t shift, perfectly good bikes if this gets passed – which I fear it will.”

    Read more:–general-news/pre-2007-motorcycles-face-1250-london-toll/25942.html#ixzz3KJPVXobK

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