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    Hi all,

    I’m new here and so thought I’d introduce myself,

    Nick name is Daveo, Ride a custom R6 bluey purpleish,

    Will get a pic up soon, it’s my 27th birthday Friday and I bike every day that I’m able, free most evenings and always up for meeting new people, currently live in birmingham, born and raised here, went the TT’s last year with a group of friends, used to regularly meet up bassett’s pole but don’t go up anymore, wouldn’t mind somewhere new to meet up? The waterman changed name and stopped bikers meeting up so have nowhere to go lol


    Hi Daveo and welcome. There’s a large group of members from the Midlands on here, so with summer on its way hope to meet up on a run. That said, as I look out of the window it’s peeing down!

    There’s a nice cafe at Quatford that’s a good run from Brum, has some decent twisties around it and has some nice tackle in the car park most sunny weekends. Have a search on the forum for some pics, here’s on of the latest posts by one of the moderators, Radar:

    Happy Birthday for Friday!


    Welcome along to the forum, as ID said there is a good group of us around the midlands so your more than welcome to come and join up for a ride out, well when the weather improves!


    Welcome to the forum. Always good to see another Yamaha rider on here!

    This link will help you to check out the site in more detail.

    The bikers cafe Imperial Data referred to is superb, well worth a visit, I go up there fairly regularly.

    The Waterman meet has apparently moved to Hatton, just around the corner.


    heya [:)] welcome to the forum



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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