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    Hi all,

    A Quick hello from me as an introduction.I don’t think I’m quite an old git yet but there again the youngsters out there will no doubt disagree. Radar will no doubt vouch for my being a suitable Forum member (Well I really do hope so!)

    A little bit about me……..Age 52 and full licence held for over 35 years….one for the younger members here, back in 1972 you could ride ANYTHING on a full licence aged 16!

    Taken 2 years ago when THOSE leathers still fitted

    1999 GSXR600 Bought new and now has 23000miles on the clock

    GSXR1000 K7 Isle Of Man Ltd Edition Its now run in and I do wonder if I will ever get to use the extreme performance its got!

    STABLEMATES! (The old CX500 sits at the back of the garage looking all forlorn…well maybe one day I WILL get round to doing it up again)

    1st Run Out to The Elan Valley

    My Favourite Shot of the TT, which was on the day I got her

    And finally, this is my favourite of the 600

    Well thats a quick hello from me. Hope to upload a history of what I’ve owned (and a few pics) as that usually gets the chat going!

    Question… Are there any former Shatterford Bike Club members out there?


    Good to see you in here TT07!

    I remeber going out for a blast with you when you first got the Gixxer6, no way was that 8 years ago!

    The new machine looks fantastic, I took some pictures of it when we bumped into you at Crossgates on Sunday.

    Anyway keep us updated on the new machine and get to work on that CX!

    This link will help you check out the site

    You get a mention in this one:

    See if you can spot yourself in the video

    Post a review of your two Gixxers if you get some time in the Jap Stuff section


    Hi TT07 welcome to TBF!
    For some reasons I cant see the pictures?


    oooh I can see them now! Nice gixxers…..proper bikes, you have taste lol [;)]


    Hi TT and welcome. Nice fleet you have, even the CX500 – was kind of hoping to see a pic as you really don’t see them on the roads now. Guess they were all killed by despatch riders in the 80s.

    Glad to know that your leathers have shrunk too, mine seem to be doing the same!


    Hello TT07 and welcome to TBF,the centinery looks cool.


    welcome M8

    The CX isn’t the custom model is it?


    Hi katana, no the “CX at the back of the garage” is a 1980 CX500A with 23500 on the clock, sadly needing a good re-furb, which WILL get done in a year or two. Much ridiculed over the years they may have been but I think a decent looking one will be shown a fair amount of interest when parked up at biker meets. Thanks for the welcome[:)]


    hiya, good choice in steeds ;)


    Thanks for the 2 links Radar read and registered. Out of interest the Isle of Man Special came with suggested suspension settings from the Relentless Suzuki By TAS Team which I duly “Dialed in” AFTER it had been run in. I am staying with the settings for now the main advantage for me is that sudden shocks through the front end on harsh roads have been dampened out. Will post those settings soon.


    Look forward to see how these setting suit you. I must admit that I was not aware of the TT special edition GSXRs


    Hello TT07, and have yet another welcome to the forum! I met you at our last ride out at Crossgates, the TT looked fab then, and great also in the piccies above. Ironically I think I’m more of a CX man myself! I’ll be one on the nerdy types discussing it the pub car park when you get around to it! Post a piccy of its pre-refurb condition, then we can appreciate the hard work as you get around to it ?!?
    Anyhow, nice to meet you and hope you enjoy the Forum. I am delighted to say I’ve met some lovely people through the TBF, and long may it continue!
    See you out soon I hope.


    Hi Thumper, Radars write up on the Aberystwyth Run Out and the attached photos showed me who some of the forum members are, yes maybe meet up on the road sometime, if not see you at some future forum Run Out. CX pics will be posted soon as I am currently scanning photos to post my biking CV. See Ya

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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