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    I was tipped off by one of the lads I went to the IoM recently that Ed Cosker was holding an open weekend to showcase the MV Agusta range.

    Ses310 joined me for the 25 mile run to Cosker’s smart MVdealership

    I had not really considered an MV in the past, but I had loved the distinctive sound of the racing triples during the TT and forum member Nick (aka Robertcains) had just placed an order for an 800 with his local dealer.
    Ed Cosker Superbikes is based at the former base of famous Laverda specialist Slater Brothers, tucked away in rural Herefordshire. I rolled up with fellow forum member Ses310 and Thumper joined us a little later. We warmly greeted by the man himself and mouth-watering line up of demonstrators for us to ride and an impressive showroom stocked with ones we could buy! As you walk in the door a drop dead gorgeous 1090 Brutale Corsa meets you.


    Hubba, hubba…

    Ed Cosker clearly a bit of enthusiast as the in showroom there is a mint 85 GSXR 750 and a very tidy 748 tucked up behind his desk. What really caught my eye was a CRS…a hand built Italian bike that uses a motor from the USA from S&S…the same as the one used in a Morgan Trike for example. The bikes drips with hand made parts and any engineer will stand and stare, just taking it all in.

    Breathtaking CRS

    But we were here to sample MV bikes and that is just what we did, I rode four as did Ses and Thumper. My reviews can be found in the Italian section and I must say that I came away very impressed with all of them

    Ses tried a good selection too…

    Thumper, Ses and me got out on three MVs together at one point…that was superb

    The team were very helpful and welcoming with a buffet, hot and cold drinks laid on. The event served to open my eyes to MV, and I wasn’t the only one, judging by the line-up of traded in Ducati outside the shop!
    Thanks to Ed and the team for an excellent day, I rather suspect that you may not have seen the last of me!

    Brutale 675

    Brutale 1090


    Dragster RR:

    Ed Cosker website:


    Always liked the look of the MVs but I’ve never ridden one.


    Excellent to see you enjoyed the lineup, ask me again in twelve months if I regret buying my first Italian bike….. I am hoping it will be as good with reliability as it is with its looks!


    Interesting insight into what makes MV tick by experienced British jurno Frank Melling (who once owned a SRX600 run by our own Thumper)


    Sad to report that ED Cosker appears to have ceased trading. I was at the dealership today and it is all closed up and mostly empty inside…

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