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    More speed cameras are to be placed at accident blackspot roads in Wolverhampton.

    Fixed speed cameras will go up in residential areas across the city when council bosses get a say in where the cameras will go for the first time.

    Possible sites include Henwood Road and Wood Road, Tettenhall, Amos Lane and Wood End Road, Wednesfield, the Bridgnorth Road and problem streets in Finchfield, Bilston and Low Hill.

    Wolverhampton Council’s transport chief Milkinder Jaspal said the council will use speed cameras as its main weapon in the fight against reckless speeding motorists, when the new funding rules start in April next year.

    The national budget for speed cameras has been increased from £93 million to £110 million for 2007-2011.

    Councillor Jaspal said cameras were proven to lower accident rates and preferred to speed humps.

    “It is really good news,” he said. “It will give us the opportunity to take control and ownership of the existing speed cameras in the city, and to put new ones where they are needed.

    “As a council we get a lot of requests for safety cameras to be put up where motorists are speeding and I have had to say we can’t do anything and we can’t even recommend where they are put.

    “This new advice changes all that.”

    He said the council would also consider replacing speed humps in certain areas.

    He said: “I think cameras are much more effective than road safety measures. Speed humps do work but they are not popular with residents.”

    The West Midlands has one of the biggest concentrations of speed cameras in the country. But figures released by the West Midlands Casualty Reduction Partnership claimed cameras had cut the number of serious road casualties by 39 per cent where they have been put up.

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