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    Issued 21/07/04


    To inaugurate the activities of the MAG Foundation, a seminar on security, motorcycle theft and the identification of stolen motorbikes will be held at the Arts Centre at the University of Warwick on Saturday 18th of September, commencing at 1 p.m and finishing at 5 p.m.

    The seminar will be led by Ken German, Vice President of the UK Branch of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, now retired from the Stolen Vehicle Unit of the London Metropolitan Police and DC Barry Mudie, Police Examiner from the Stolen Vehicle Unit of the London Metropolitan Police.

    The purpose of the seminar is to:

    Explain the techniques for identifying rung/clone bikes and clarify the difference between ringing and cloning;

    Explain what the participants should look for when trying to determine whether a bike is rung or cloned;

    Discuss the work that the police have already done for the public if they have any suspicion of a rung/clone bike and to report stolen bikes;

    Disseminate information so that the participants can point people who have concerns or suspicions, in the right direction;

    Consolidate relationships between the police and the motorcycling community.

    The seminar will be divided into four segments:

    MAG will present its own data from the surveys carried out over the last two years on theft and security and look at trends and theft data to give an overall picture of the *true* problems concerning motorcycle theft.

    This will be followed by two workshops:

    Ken German will discuss his work and show a video on scooter and motorcycle theft. He will then respond to queries from the participants.

    Barry Mudie will then discuss the fine art of examining stolen motorbikes and explain what members should look for and what they should do if they have any suspicions. He will also respond to queries from the participants.

    Ken German will conclude by discussing the new motorcycle theft website which he manages and which has been set up by the police in collaboration with the motorcycle industry.

    At the end of the seminar a CD of the workshops will be given to all the participants.

    Heated debates and discussions will be conducted in the Students’ Union “The Cooler”, following the seminar. (There are other drinking and eating facilities in the Art Centre and Students’ Union Building).

    N.B. Organisations wishing to attend, please note that a nominal fee of £15 per person will be required to cover costs. For further details please contact: MAG’s Director of Public Affairs, on 0870 4448448 or email: [email protected]

    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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    Interesting step forward to increase the awareness of bike theft. I am always surprised how many bikes are actually stolen these days. Tagging is a very good thing but still remains pretty expensive and if the Police etc are not properly informed of how to check for tags the whole concept falls down. Good on MAG for doing this seminar.

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