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    was recommended this site by Radar, Im here cos’of my lifelong love of bikes and to share with you my latest project as it (very slowly) progresses.

    I’m Matt, I’ve been riding on the road since i was 16, Im 28 now and have just done a little tot up and have owned at least the bikes listed below over that time, i also worked in a bike shop from age 16 through 21 so have ridden a fair few others also.

    Previously owned…….
    1987 Yamaha Fs1
    1982 Honda superdream
    1985 yamaha RD125 LC
    1987 yamaha fz600
    1990 Yamaha Tdr250
    1996 suzuki bandit 600
    1997 Suzuki GSXR750
    1997 honda vfr750fv
    1988 yamaha rd350 ypvs
    1990 yamaha tdr250
    1985 yamaha RD125lc
    1987 yamaha RD125lc
    1998 ducati ST2
    1981 suzuki gs550e
    1980 suzuki gs550e
    1997 Kawasaki ZX6R
    1989 VFR400 NC30
    1991 Husky wre250

    Present owner of…….

    1985 RD125LC
    1980 GS550e project (will have bandit 6 engine and probably GSXR750 wheels, suspenders when done)

    Ride safe.


    Welcome Stinkwheel, many Yamahas I see in your riding history.


    Welcome, you can’t beat a good Yamaha! Keep us posting on the progress with the GS project. I ran a GS550 in 1987/8, but left it standard apart from a 4 into 1


    Thanks folks, yes i have a little yamaha habbit.

    The reason for the GS550 project is that i found the standard bike a bit too easy to go quicker than expected then the 70’s brakes and suspension got a bit tied up dealing with it all :-)

    So faster engine and better brakes and suspension, if it retains the basic feel of a GS then i will be more than happy. As the bandit engine is just another air/oil cooled suzi unit should be OK. I’ve got the gs base, engine, loom, carbs, CDI etc all sorted, need early GSXR slabby front end next if anyone knows of anything.


    Looking at your list I have also owned a Superdream (x3), I have a FZ600:


    I have had three RD350YPVS, (see details in Members bikes) and would dearly love another two stroke.

    Thumper on here had a TDR250 and really loved it, he only sold it about 2/3 months ago.

    What did you think of the ST2?


    YPVS are brilliant and TDRS are just mental, I love TDR’s would have another like a shot if i could afford one.

    As for the ST2, its was great in some ways, torquey, easy to ride and a lot of fun but considering it was billed as a tourer if you did 150 miles on it then your wrists ached liked hell, my mates 900ss is comfier (yes really)

    Im afraid i find the superdream a terrible bike but the CB250RS (which i see you have also owned) thats a good little bike.

    Saw your FZ 600 thread, i liked mine, it was loctite colours like the old Rob Mac superbike team. The old XJ600 style engine on those is bullet proof really.


    Had two CB250RS a 1982 A model with kickstart that I sold in 1986 (bloke still has it), superb bike. I have just sold ny CB250RS Deluxe to another forum member. Electic start can be a problem with them. CB250N was nowhere near as good. The best 250 I have ownwd was the RD250LC and the worst a KH250B5


    Stinkwheel! Have I seen you on other forums??!! Welcome to TBF!


    Depends where you hang about mate :-)

    You will see me on ‘old skool suzuki’ and also the yamaha-rd site.


    Nah hun I dont hang out there, aint you on bikersweb? or it may be bikersdomain?


    Not me then, god damn someone nicked me nick name :-P



    Originally posted by Stinkwheel

    Not me then, god damn someone nicked me nick name :-P

    yep someone certainly has! [:o)]
    I do know a few old skoolers though, not on there meself cos I got a more modern zook.


    Hiya mate. Welcome to the forum.


    Hi and welcome mate, a fair few bikes there! :D


    Hello Mate,
    enough bikes to keep me busy. Only usually have one at a time though, well a couple.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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