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    Just enjoyed a pleasant week away in Northumberland with all of my family: my wife, my daughters, their partners, my lovely granddaughter and even the dog. Not much scope for motorcycles in there you would think….however while I didn’t get to ride I did get a chance to sneak off family duty for a bit and pop into a local bike shop and cafe in the charming market town of Morpeth.

    Morpeth Motorcyles has been about for years in various forms and it now boasts a friendly little cafe too. So off I sneaked while the family were checking out the local shops and sights. Once inside I found that they had an interesting stock of bikes, a mint  Yamaha XS250, their answer to the Superdream, a very tidy Suzuki GS450E twin and the highlight an extremely tidy Yamaha RD250LC, which I fell immediately in love with. Thankfully for the state of both my bank balance and marriage the LC wasn’t for sale! Checking out the cafe only seemed polite so I enjoyed a ‘salad’ roll and a cuppa whilst reading one the old bike mags provided in the cafe area…not bad  for £3.50

    Yamaha’s response to the Honda CB250N Superdream, the XS250…good looking bike but I seem to remember they were not well liked at the time. Stunning nick for a 40 year old bike though

    Suzuki GS450E, not seen one in years, especially on this tidy. Also a decent and varied stock of bikes


    Not for sale sadly…RD250LC

    If you are ever in the area check the place out!

    Later in the week, back in the harbour town of Amble where we based we were enjoying a late evening drink by the harbour when I heard the roar of a barely silenced air-cooled four. Sure even in rolled an 84 Kawasaki GPz1100 Unitrak, just like my old mate Loz used to ride. Fast old bus. Keeping it company was a lad on a Thundercat.

    The Gpz and Thundercat enjoying the stunning sunset over Amble harbour

    They parked up near us so I got chatting to the riders and the lad with the GPz even offered me a go…but I was in shorts and sandals and half the way through my third pint so I respectfully declined.

    Anyway, good to get a fix of bikes and bike chat even while on family duty!

    The bike shop:


    The town of Amble

    The town of Morpeth

    Amusing tale of my adventures on a RD250LC

    Blasts From my Past – Yamaha RD250LC – Autumnal Adventures


    Can't beat bikes and a brew, especially if accompanied by a “salad” :-)


    Can't beat bikes and a brew, especially if accompanied by a “salad” :-)

    You really can't, one of the great combinations!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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