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    Quite a few years back now. We were going along a fairly quiet dual carriageway, we were doing approx 120mph (allegedly) when Dave felt something happening to handlebars so he slowed down to 60mph then all of a sudden the front tyre just blew, the bike did a somersault and threw me and Dave off bike, the bike landed on Dave’s ankle….1st time he’s ever broken a bone….and I went flying about 30ft. it was very surreal, I made myself into a ball and landed on my spine (I have a crumbling spine) But just before I passed out…I thought cor that was a soft landing..I ended up on a muddy verge. Next thing I know, There’s this woman crying and panicking she thought I was dead. When I got my breath back…I asked her how’s the bike? she answered what is it with you and your partner, he also asked about bike first…But deep down I knew Dave was ok. I had a swollen spine for 18months but luckily I hadn’t broken a single bone.

    Then there was another nasty one again we got away with cuts and bruises. We were over taking a tanker we got half way along when the Tanker driver went to turn right down a lane without looking in his mirrors.  Dave had to drop the bike to save us hitting the tanker. but the bike slid along the road with me n Dave. Dave came to a halt quite quickly. I could see a man running down the hill trying to stop the tanker, He finally came to a stop and his back wheels were 1 cm from my head, I could feel the heat of his tyres through my helmet!  I must have a guardian angel watching over me ;) :) I was shaken but not stirred! :P ::)


    I always dread a front tire blowout. Nothing you can do really


    Wow – I know that this is an old blog, but that’s really death-defying stuff!! :o

    Your guardian angel must be a biker….

    As Stunter says, not much you can do about blowouts (assuming the tyres are legal), nor people not using their mirrors. Even assuming all cars, vans & lorries are trying to kill you, the unannounced right turn can be so quick that bailing out can be the only option left.  :(

    Thanks for relating those incidents, Craftycarmy…. have you had any more since?    8)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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