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    Good little blast yesterday…only 65 miles but good fun as Katana, Thumper and Ses joined me for a enjoyable run around Shropshire and Worcestershire. Notable run for Ses as it may well be the last time he rides his 03 Fireblade prior to selling the old girl off. It was also good to see the forums two Fireblades in action together. Thumper’s HD was also sporting some new pipes too, and despite having now fitted baffles the Street Bob still sounded like a rolling earthquake! When all four bikes headed off we made quite a row between us as my Ducati is not noted for being whisper quiet either…those twin Termis can produce quite a wail! The biggest shock though was seeing Kat in some shiney new kit that didn’t appear to adhere to his moto of being “cheap. inexpensive and not cost much”. Is he feeling ok??? 

    We headed out on the virtually standard heading of the A448 towards Bridgnorth but carried on past the big bike cafe there and instead picking the route to Shrewsbury. Pace was good and the views were excellent as ever. The fun was somewhat curtailed when a police patrol car pulled out in front of our line and we dutifully tucked in behind, looking rather like naughty schoolboys trailing behind their headmaster. To our dismay he peeled off onto the excellent B road to Craven Arms that were taking too. After several miles of cat and mouse we all edged past him and in the end he got bored and buggered off. At this point Ses, Thumper and Kat went ahead. Meanwhile I continued to wonder along serenely as I had neglected to fuel up and my fuel light had been on for the last 15 miles! However it wasn’t so bad as on a good clear day like today the views were stunning and it was good to just roll along and lap it all up. This really is a cracking piece of road: I should attack it a bit more often!

    I got fuel at a small garage about 5 miles from Craven Arms in the end. The bike only took 11 litres, so it makes you wonder how accurate these fuel lights are! A brief halt was taken at the cafe inside the Tuffins at Craven Arms before headed back to Bewdley. Good quick run over some excellent roads and the view across Clee Hill was as impressive as ever today. Kat peeled off for home on route while the rest of us parked up in Bewdley and enjoyed a touch of salad and a mineral water at the local Wetherspoon’s (are they EVERYWHERE now??). Grand couple of hours out!

    Some pictures:
    Katana, Ses and Thumper 

    The Forum Fireblades 

    The bikes made for an impressive sight lined up in Bewdley on the main drag   


    Really enjoyed that run out, first time out on the Blade for some 6 months and after the ride it really does make me wonder why I’m selling it! Was perfect on those roads. It was a good send off though if indeed it turns out to be it’s last run.
    Nice write up as usual.

    Swindon Andy

    Looks like a nice little run-out. Nice gear KAT.

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