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    The four day test session at Phillip Island, Australia, is well under way with Alstare Suzuki (Corser and Kagayama), Yamaha France (Abe, Gimbert and Nakatomi) and Foggy Petronas (Martin and Jones) all out to impress. After a first day dedicated mainly to setting up and fine tuning, riders were hoping to take full advantage of a second day of unexpected dry weather (the forecasts had predicted rain), only to be frustrated by the wind. After a morning session in which teams were indeed able to explore the limits, extremely strong wind forced performance levels down again in the afternoon. Once again Troy Corser recorded the fastest time, stopping the chronometer at 1 m 32.81s, faster than the fastest lap of testing for the 2005 race, also signed Troy Corser.

    FIRST DAY (non official times)
    1. Corser (Suzuki) 1m 33.6s
    2. Abe (Yamaha) 1m 34.7s
    3. Kagayama (Suzuki) 1m 34.8s
    4. Martin (Petronas) 1m 34.8s
    5. Gimbert (Yamaha) 1m 35.7s
    6. Nakatomi (Yamaha) 1m 36.9s
    7. Jones (Petronas) 1m 37.8s

    1. Troy Corser (Suzuki) 1m 32.81s
    2. Yukio Kagayama ( Suzuki) 1m 33.61s
    3. Steve Martin ( Petronas) 1m 34.04s
    4. Norick Abe (Yamaha) 1m 34.85s
    5. Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha) 1m 35.20s
    6. Shinichi Nakatomi (Yamaha) 1m 35.80s
    7. Craig Jones (Petronas) 1m 36.75s


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