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    I did my CBT yesterday so I thought I would post something about it and how I found it.

    We started off on a car park where they had laid out cones ready for us. There was me and 3 other people doing the training at the same time. He started off with a basic talk around the bike pointing out what the controls were and how to use them, then about clothing and what was best to wear to protect yourself while riding. We then went onto getting the bike on and off the stand, I found taking it off easier than putting it on the stand but got used to it quickly. Next we walked around the cones pushing the bike around with us, helping you get used to the weight of the bike. Now we get the the exciting bit, starting the bike and riding it. The instructor showed each of us indicidually how to start the engine then once we could do this it was time to have a go at actually moving. We went round in circles, following the leader just until everyone got used to their bikes a bit more. After this we did all the general going in a straight line, going round corners, weaving in and out of cones, stopping and starting again, going in a figure of eight and turning left and right using indicators. I personally found the figure of eight the hardest and turning with the indicators but again the became easier the more I did it.

    He then gave us another talk about the usual alcohol, drugs, safety and the highway code. He went through some of the signs and how to go round roundabouts, go round parked cars etc. Now it was time to go out on the road. This is the most challenging thing about the CBT. At first it was rather weird actually being out on a road with ‘real’ cars all around but after being out for a while it soon becomes the norm. We started off following the instructor then he let the other guy who was on the road with me lead. he took us on a loop round stourport, bewdley and kidderminster keeping in constant contact through the earpieces we wore. He made sure he told us what to do and where to go very clearly so I felt safe at all times. If there was any problems he would tell you to pull over and how to improve.

    Eventually after around 2 hours on the road he directed us home. I rolled into the close leading with the instructor and other guy following. (this came as a bit of a surprise to Radar).

    Overall it was a really interesting and fun day, a lot les formal than I imagined it to be. my advise to anybody taking a CBT is to remember that CBT means Compulsory Basic Training not Test, therefore I would say to treat it more as a lesson than as a test.


    Top write up Zippy.

    See you on a ride out soon.


    Sounds like it’s fun and not as formal as the main test. That said, you are still being tested on your competence and you don’t get the certificate if you “fail to meet the standard”.

    Thanks for the write-up, glad you ‘met the standard’!


    Great write up Zippy, that should put a few of the usual myths & misinformation to rest  ;D, i’m glad you enjoyed the experiance & hope to see you out & about soon


    nice way of putting it Zippy :)  Congrats on getting on the road.


    Congrats Zippy and good write up too


    Well done claire, like father, like daughter, maybe you should be a radoughta? ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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