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    Pulling onto the M42 on my way to work in the car yesterday and a green ZX6R flashes past doing 85ish in the outside lane. Nothing unusual in that, except for the fact that his back tyre was all but flat!

    So I gunned my long suffering car and set off after him.

    He pulled into the middle lane and I managed to get level with him. I wound down my window and pointed at his back tyre and told him to pull over.

    How it had not felt the affect on the bike is what I struggle to understand


    well spotted mate. To be fair tho, my Speedtriple had a flat front (6psi) and it didn’t slow that down. the rear being flat tho does make it squirm a bit


    Running a trye that low in pressure at relatively high will really elevate the temperatures and increase forces acting on the tyre.

    I would imagine the tyre would be suspect even if was plugged/returned to the proper pressure

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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