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    This superb event returned for it’s second year last weekend. So as it held only 20 miles from where I live and at the end of some cracking roads it seemed a shame not to pop in and take a look. Imperial Data, Thumper (along with his family) and forum stalker Stu (also with his family) did join me for the fun. I must admit to not riding over, but did at least get there in a car with a howling V8 soundtrack and best part of 400bhp thanks to ID! 

    The focus of the event is much more on classic cars rather than bikes, with the theme this year being Land Speed Record cars. Three famous examples were on show and two of them ran around the tight town centre course. The weather was superb and so the attendance was even higher than last year. The crowds lined the streets of this pretty little town, the Jewel of the Downs, as it known locally. The cars and bikes were limited to 40 mph but the sights, sounds and smells were still fantastic nonetheless. Laverda was the featured motorcycle brand, as Slater Brothers, the long established specialists are still based just outside the town. Somehow I managed to miss the bikes going around the course so you will have to content with shots of them taken in the paddock…

    Little racing Yamaha

    Small but perfectly formed! 

    Gorgeous Triton 

    What’s better than one classic Velocette? Two of them! 

    Super rare late 1960’s Kwak stroker 

    Not Laverda’s finest work, but when did you last see one? 

    Now that is more like it…business like triple 

    Laverda were the featured motorcycle marque, so some cracking examples on show 

    Very cool Panther, still getting some serious use 

    Paul Smart Ducati, bit of a ‘marmite’ bike 

    Stunning Norton with a classic 1960’s Honda race bike hiding behind it 

    This bloke had the best seat in the house! 

    More classic mud…fantastic 

    20 years from now this could well be the closest I get to a bike…genius 

    Thumper is whisked back to his youth by this lovely coffin tank RD250 

    Not overly pampered, purposeful Triumph 

    Morgan Cars were one of the main sponsors of the event. As you can see the crowds could get in really close to the action 

    Beautiful 1960’s Lotus at the start point in the middle of the town

    See I do know actual people..the team for the day. Despite owning 10 bikes between us, we were all on four wheels today…

    One of the the three land speed record cars…the mighty Fiat S76 of 1911 that hit 116mph in that year! It has a massive 28.4 litre FOUR cylinder engine, kicking out 290bhp and, wait for this…2000Lb/ft or torque! The thing spat out flames from its exhausts and one point singed a marshal as it pulled out the paddock. Amazing car! 

    This really is a brilliant event that does Bromyard and it’s people proud. The festival returns in 2019 and I for one will be there!

    Link to my review of the 2016 event


    The Laverda and Panther looked ace mate! :-)


    The Laverda and Panther looked ace mate! :-)

    They did. I really liked the old boy soaking it all up in the sidecar whilst reading the programme!


    Looks like it was a good day. I’ll try and make it next year.


    Looks like it was a good day. I’ll try and make it next year.

    It is really excellent, well worth attending

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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