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    The sleepy Herefordshire market town of Bromyard reverberated to the growl and howl of race bikes and classic cars last weekend and few of us from on here wondered over to see what all the fuss was about. As usual it was a finely planned operation, we didn’t know who was coming and how we were getting there. In the end I made my way over riding some cracking roads on my 600 in company with with Champs who had dusted off his trusty ZX6R especially for the occasion. It was the first proper outing for my 600 this year after it passed the MOT last week. Riding it again was like slipping into a comfy pair of slippers. Odd to describe a 100bhp, 150mph machine like that, but there you go. Thumper and his better half rocked up in their car,  whilst Toggsy decided against using his Fireblade and wondered over in his 1974 Triumph Stag classic car instead… a lovely old bus with a superb V8 sound track.

    The event was excellent. Bromyard is charming place, a real quintessentially English town; medieval, Victorian and Edwardian buildings lining tight streets. The cars and bikes taking part were limited to 30 mph but at least one of the guys in an Escort rally car was really pushing hard at one point. He got warned.

    Bromyard is the place where Morgan Cars first started up before moving to Malvern, so they were the overall event sponsor. There was a real mix of vehicles from land speed record cars, Morgans, classic rally and hill climb cars and of course bikes, including a mobility scooter powered by what looked like a C90 motor! The large enthusiastic crowd lined the streets and packed out the pubs and cafes between the action. The town did really well out the event and fair play to their council for showing such imagination as to stage the event. It was great to catch with the guys too and I really enjoyed the ride home on a lovely sunny day with Champs keeping company again on the ZX6R

    Thanks to all…and now for the pictures…

    Team 600 taking a rest after a cracking ride over to Bromyard

    Champs checks out the start line

    Definitely a lost child…

    Some beautiful cars took to the streets and you can see how close the crowd could get to the action

    Meanwhile in the classic bike paddock somebody has taken a hack saw to a GS1200

    888. 851, 996 bellissimo!

    I hope it runs better than my KH250 used to

    Lovely air cooled RD

    Rare 500cc single Vincent

    Gamma, Gamma hey! RG500

    Pair of gorgeous Brits…

    Local MV Agusta dealer Ed Cosker had a large stand and brought along some impressive classics as well as new bikes to show. Like this stunning Laverda Jota…

    This lad didn’t taken his lid off, raise his visor or say a word to anybody as he moved about the crowd…

    The over enthusiastic Escort

    The crew for the day…we are a tough looking bunch…

    KH led the bikes away in a haze of sweet smelling 2 stroke oil


    Ariel isn’t just a washing powder you know…

    Clutch rattle, but God it is a good looking bike

    Great fairing

    Air-cooled in action…


    The guy on the motability scooter with a C90 engine got one of the biggest rounds of applause and cheers, even when his exhaust fell off!

    Even a near 100 year old outfit can keep a mere car at bay…

    I should of entered my Ducati!

    Thumper was smitten with this rather delicious little Triumph on the Ed Cosker stand

    Anyway, that’s it folks!


    Bromyard Speed Festival

    The streets of a Herefordshire town became a temporary race track today. Dozens of classic cars were paraded around the usually sleepy market town of Bromyard as it held its first ever Speed Festival.

    Posted by BBC Midlands on Sunday, 3 April 2016

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