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    Well the first inter-forum meet at Quatt near Bridgnorth was less of ride out, more of a two wheeled interpretation of “Singing in the Rain”!

    Early this morning the weather had not looked all that bad, overcast and the roads were wet, but not actually raining. However by 11 o’clock as I wondered up the A442 on my FZ600, it was tipping down and the road was doing a passable impression of the river Severn that runs parallel to it. I doubted that anybody else would show up, but I despatched the 11 miles (BIG run this!), without any drama and pulled onto the café car park to be greeted by the sight of Fast Eddie’s TL1000S nestled amongst a few other machines. So I was not alone!

    FE’s TL1000S

    I hooked up with Eddie, the other bikers were nothing to do with the meet and we nattered over a hot mug of tea, in the always-welcoming cafe. After 20 minutes or so the roar of a free-breathing Ducati, and the rasping howl of two 4-cylinder bikes disturbed the constant pattering of rain! Thumper, Toggs and Gix rolled in; we had a proper meeting on our hands!

    Gix’s winter hack

    Thumper’s Monster, my FZ and Togg’s ZX6R

    The choices facing our hardy group were either to brave the elements and go for a ride dodging puddles, or sit in a nice warm café and enjoy a nice cooked breakfast. Well as tough bikers there really only one realistic option; you guessed it – we all ordered breakfast! Gix was a happy lady as I coughed up for the brekky I (allegedly) owed her.

    Gix about to took into THAT breakfast

    The next couple of hours melted by easily as we chatted about bikes and looked forward to the new-year ahead of us. But eventually we had to venture back out into rain and head for home. Fast Eddie and I enjoyed the swim back to Kidderminster together before I peeled off for home. Toggs, Thumper and Gix headed off in opposite direction for their 30-mile slog home.

    Fast Eddie, Toggs, Gix and Thumper enjoy the dry

    OK so this meet was not a riding classic, but was enjoyable start to the years meets all the same, so a big thanks to those who braved the conditions!

    See you all next time! 



    Shit! If I’d known breakfasts were on you Radar I’d have walked there!

    Hope you supersized it Gix!


    Cor judging by the size of them breakfasts, and as they were free, would have been worth the petrol to come visit you lot!!!

    Looks like you all had a good laugh even with the weather:D


    Yeah twas a good day even with the weather being a washout, had the odd “slide” in the wet lol which was fun [:0][:o)]


    Blimey I didn’t realise how long ago this was!


    I bet you have only just digested that mound of fried food.


    I bet you have only just digested that mound of fried food.

    What fried food? I see only a light salad…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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