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    Does exactly what it says on the tin…

    My old friend Andy has caught the BMW bug quite badly and not content with ownership of one Bavarian leviathan he decide to add another example to his fleet…a 2003 R1150R. This is a ‘normal’ road bike with no pretensions or styling nods to any off road capability whatsoever and to my mind is a whole lot better for that.

    The bike is simple and business like, no flashy colours although the graphics hint at military air the bike is simple and functional throughout. In my 15 mile stint I came away rather more impressed than I have been when riding the big GS adventure bikes. The 1150 is no waif like whippet of a bike, more like a sturdy German hunting dog. The fuel tank is big and chunky, the reasonably low seat is expansive and comfortable, the controls fall easily to hand even if the indicators are those typically infuriating type that BMW insist upon foisting on us. The clocks are big conventional circular dials. The whole bike is normal, standard…usable.

    Understated and very competent

    The 1150 engine hums along inoffensively and doesn’t like to be hurried especially, but it can be wafted along using the reasonably fat mid-range urge to give a decent turn of pace across country. The brakes work well enough, like so much of the rest the bike. The suspension gives a comfortable ride, but I won’t rate the handling completely here as the tyres fitted were old on this bike and rather squared off…giving rise to a slightly odd feeling of the front and back ends fighting with each other. Thumper has subsequently fitted some new rubber and assures me the bike is nothing less than transformed

    So an unpretentious bike that does exactly what it says on the tin. What is the German for Ronseal? I prefer the R to its’ more fashionable GS brother. But please Thumper find a better looking front mudguard from somewhere!

    Update: It had an influence on me, look at what i ride these days!

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    I look forward to Thumpers review :-)


    I shall have to see if I can talk Thumper into letting me have a go :) Only thing I hate about that bike is the god awful front mud guard!

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