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    This is a special breed of car, usually a kit car or derivative, which has got a unique powerplant.  Bike engines tend to be excellent power units as they are small, light and powerful.  The power to weight ratio is what makes any car a good car, so it follows that a lightweight, hi-power lump will be a good choice.  I have wanted to build one of these things for years and shall be starting the project as soon as kids and business allow……  Oh and by the way, it’s gonna have 2 bike engines in it.

    Drop us a post if you find this subject interesting, have some technical info to share or indeed fancy a go at a build.


    sounds awesome mate, have seen vids of Smart cars with Gixer engines which look quite mental, I imagine a car with 2 engines will be funtastic! :D


    There is something fun about sticking sports bike engines in little cars. I have posted about a bike engined Fiat 126 before that just looked mental!


    Fireblade Fiat on the bay:

    If I was going to build a bike engined car these would be the blokes I’d talk to:

    They make cars that make beardy germans pull funny faces (1min 16secs)



    The car that Leyland should have built!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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