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    Just seen a review of the Triumph Tiger for 2007 with a 1050cc and trick new styling. Looks like Triumph have another hit on their hands..

    Couldn’t find any pictures on the web to link to, but it does look superb.


    I got to ride the Tiger a few weeks a go whilst my Sprint was in at Windy Corner. Started talking to Roger about the new Tiger and as I had about an hour to kill he chucked me the keys to the demo and told me to take it for a spin.

    Having never ridden that style of bike before I was immediately aware of how upright the sitting position was and how high up I was (Only just got my feet flat on the floor). Riding was a revelation. The high wide bars made it a doddle tipping the bike into corners and the long travel USD forks soaked up bumps and gave great feedback. Very confidence inspiring and within a couple of miles I was really throwing her around.

    As expected, I got buffeted by cross winds, but was amazed at the effectiveness of the screen. At 95 I was cocooned in a pocket of still air and at 6 foot 4 didn’t even have my helmet in the air stream

    The Tiger has the same 1050cc engine as the Sprint although this is a detuned engine that is surprisingly down on both Torque and Horsepower. However, this increases the tank range to over 200 miles and the front still lifts when you give it a fist full. The seat is wide and very comfortable, I can imagine being able to sit on this all day with ease.

    Overall I was really impressed with the entire bike. Impressed enough to draw me away from the Sprint? No, but had it had the full ‘on-song’ 1050 engine from the Speed Triple then I would be sorely tempted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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