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Initially I think I was a little in awe of the new machine and was almost nervous to ride it…odd but true. This was slightly compounded by the seat height being more than I remembered from my initial test ride. Add in some family issues meaning that many weekends were taken up for the first 7 months of the year. A mediocre summer didn’t help when I did have time the weather was poor.

My big event was to be a trip to Germany, but in the end I took my old 600 Thundercat over as we touring this time rather than using a single point as a base. This meant I would have had to keep loading up a bike everyday that is pretty fiddly to get luggage 600 has a Givi set up and takes tank bags etc with ease.

All excuses? Maybe…

Add to the mix the news about the financial state of MV and how available support would be for my bike going forward, and my MV ‘Mojo’ was just evaporating….I even came close to selling a couple of months ago.

However every time I ride the bike the power, the look and handling are all intoxicating…so here is to a better 2nd year of ownership!