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10,000km in between, guess its hard to meet gixer. Try to get a holiday here and i promise whoever comes here, you have the time of your life. You love mountains, we have the most beautifull, including active volcanoes. You love beaches, we have the most beautifull 7 hectares private beach resort you have ever seen (free, ever since its mine, i also dont pay). You dont like the resort, i bring you in the most secluded place on earth, an island all for you, with complete privacy, you have to see it before you believe it.
We love to do island hopping here in the week-ends, dont forget we have 7000 plus islands here, its only 7 or more we go around in the week-end (when the weather is good) but the fish we catch, we eat on a nice barbeque on a complete desserted beach. Have plenty friends from Europe, always want to return exclusive, no way, we dont need that money coz we live here everyday!
That is live! [:D]
Check out this link “riding the Philippines 2005”

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