Fantic 125 Cabellero – Review

Do you like to stand slightly apart from the crowd, make a statement and appreciate the quality of something that is a cut above the norm? In the context of a 125cc motorcycle I think Fantic might have just the thing for you….The Caballero.

Great looking bike

In a sea of cheap Chinese wannabees what we have here is the real McCoy. Hand made in Italy and bearing a name synonymous with a proud and long motorcycle heritage, the Caballero certainly looks like it means business. I hopped aboard headed into the wilds of Worcestershire to see if the perceived quality and stylish looks bore fruit in reality. I am please to say they did

The road from the outskirts of Stourport-on-Severn to the charming little village of Upper Sapey bucks and weaves it’s way over the hills and crests of Worcestershire and Herefordshire countryside. It is a great road to put the 125 through its paces. I did have to work the 6 speed box and revvy  little single to keep things on the boil, but that has to be expected on any 125. The brakes were not called on all that often as the Fantic could be hurled through bends with some aplomb and it would of been a shame to sacrifice hard won speed! The suspension is well damped and with the off road bias well suited to the pot holed mess that is now often the norm on British roads, even an A road like this one. So the bike was great fun, and only being 130 kg was easy to chuck about.

So tempting to swing open the gate and go and explore…I didn’t

In company with another classic Italian: The Fantic with a stunning Lancia in the background

The seat was a touch firm and a little high for a stumpy like me. It should be fine for those of you who actually have an inside leg measurement. There are far more extreme 125s out there that are much higher. The impression of quality is
born out in the riding experience and the controls all were good to use and well weighted.

Cool details abound, lending the Caballero a quality feel

I didn’t explore the bikes off road capability but I expect the Cabellero would deal with green lanes and gravel tracks easily if a little ‘off piste’ exploration is your thing

I was so tempted…

I took back to Midwest Moto with a big grin on my face, so you can’t say fairer than that. At £4600 the Fantic is a just a little north of rivals such as the Yamaha MT 125 or KTM 125 Duke, who both come it at around £4250. But the Fantic is way cooler and better looking (in my eyes) than either.  The forthcoming 250cc and 500cc versions will be real weapons based on the 125!

If you are after a quality, fun 125 it is well worth a look.

Thanks to Mark at Midwest Moto for the opportunity to ride his demonstrator