Twisted Iron – Cornmill Yard – Roll In

Founded as place where bikers who like their ride to be built rather than bought,  Twisted Iron is a social hub. It operates both online and in the ‘real-world’. Founder Russell Cort has been running it for several years now. He is a well-known and respected figure in the custom bike world. Over the years it has run some excellent events. Notably the superb ‘Happening’ bike show and rally.

The Coolness Just Rolls on in

In recent times it has been staging a monthly gathering in the picturesque Worcestershire town of Evesham. Here at The Cornmill Yard an excellent café keeps everyone fed and watered. Over the course of the morning a mouth-watering selection of bikes roll in. The focus is very much on custom bikes and builds, but many turn up on classics or even modern machines such as my Ducati Scrambler.

Drink tea, eat bacon and watch the customs just ride on in!

You can turn up on factory bikes too if you have to!

The owners roll-in, park up and check out each other’s machines. Soon they are chatting about the work they have done, what problems they have encountered and crucially how they solved them. Future plans, some of them quite elaborate get shared. The meet generally acts a melting pot for the like-minded to talk and inter-act with others who truly get where they are coming from. On the day I dropped in you could have you bike professionally valeted. The rather talented Valentino Glossi had set up shop for the morning.

Customs to Classics

On the morning I visited bikes on show ranged from radical choppers to cool classics: A neat HD sportster based café racer, caught my eye. There were a couple of Bobbers and just some cool, creatively crafted machinery. I really liked the Brat-Bike that had started life as a humble Honda CB250RS. I had two of those back in the day and they certainly didn’t look that good!

Neat, simple Café Race take on a Harley


A selection of rather tasty customs

A somewhat modified Honda CB250RS!

Classics were represented by some neatly turned-out British tin and a venerable Yamaha FJ1200. The later seemed to be still earning its corn, for example. However, the two highlights were a meaty Kawasaki Z1 and a beautifully restored Yamaha DT175. The later was leapt upon by Mr Cort himself! He revelled in riding it around the car park in desperate (and failed) attempt to recapture his youth!

Well turned out Brit-tin

Hardworking FJ1200

Beautiful Z900. Still King of the Hill

The stunning DT175 was soon pounced upon!

I really enjoyed catching up with Russell. I have not had much chance since we worked together on the café racer build based on my old ZR550 Zephyr back in 2017.

Check it out Yourself

So, if love to see bikes that have rolled out a workshop rather than off an assembly line got yourself down to The Cornmill Yard, Evesham on the last Sunday of the month. Get there for 10am, grab a cuppa and a butty and watch the cool tin come rolling in. You will not be disappointed.

Words and Pictures: Tony Donnelly