MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR – Stile e sostanza

What a Day!

Well this bike had a tough act to follow: On the day I rode the 800 I had already ridden three of its companions. What a stunning range of bikes are now offered by MV. I was a little concerned that it would be a let-down when compared to the frisky 675 Brutale, silk sledge hammer 1090 and the sublime but demanding F4.


The Dragster RR is a highly stylised bike and is teetering right on the edge of being a little fussy. However I think the designers have got it right and carried off a distinctive highly attractive look. The spoked, white rear wheel and stacked triple-decker exhaust is nothing short of art. I wouldn’t want to keep it clean though!

The Dragster RR is a bold piece of design

I hope you like cleaning bikes, and I wonder what the Italian is for ‘tail tidy’?

So is actually any good?

Well I need not have worried: Once on-board the single suede seat is comfortable. This and the 800cc triple motor ensure the Dragster was a great bike to ride. I took this MV on slightly more open roads than had its brethren. I was riding in company with two mates who were on a 1090 and 800 Tourismo. This was memorable moment, three old friend’s line astern on three exotic Italian super bikes. We were cutting a slice through some challenging roads on a glorious day. This is the stuff of dreams and should be savoured to the full.

So enough of the esoteric garbage: What is the Dragster like to ride? Well put simply it is another cracking MV. The 800cc motor gives the Dragster an extra slice of attitude when compared with the 675. I was keeping the 1090 up front honest and the bike is confidence inspiring in the bends: The excellent suspension well suited to the country A roads I rode it on. They are not always as smooth as they could be, but it coped with ease.

Performance was urgent, the free revving howling triple (that distinctive note again…), the stable but still very flick-able handling and strong brakes all working as one to provide a fun ride: The Dragster really is an absolute hoot!
The single seat (effectively) and lack of fairing would possibly limit the bike slightly, and keeping the beauty looking its best would be a challenge, that gleaming white wheel…

Seems well screwed together

Like the other MV machines I tried on the same day build quality seems to be excellent and neat detailing abounded. The bike looks more expensive than it is. This is a tough trick to pull off so I was impressed.
So overall then what we have is a superb, stylish package, but one that crucially can honour the cheques that styling and provocative name write.

Words and Pictures: Tony Donnelly