Triumph 900 Street Twin – Cool bike for a chilled out ride

Sports bike fan Neil has recently had to have his Suzuki GSX-R serviced and was given the opportunity to ride the 900 Street while his Suzuki was under the knife….he came to the bike with a little prejudice against Triumph bikes, but came away with a new view point altogether…

I like to say it how it is, regardless of others opinions, facts are facts, I have never had a good word to say about Triumphs. This is probably due to friends of mine who love the old ones and keep telling me these new ones are nothing like the real ones they own. This along with the fact they are not my style of bike, so here goes:

I took my Suzuki GSXR1000 in for a service, MOT, new tyre and a couple of other jobs. The dealer gave me a choice of courtesy bike: A Suzuki SV650, a scooter, another bike I can’t even remember and this Triumph. I instantly said I will take the Triumph; let’s see how poor they really are. The example they let me loose with was a brand new bike with only 150 miles on the clock – the 900cc ‘Street Twin’. My first impression as I took off was bloody hell where to I put my feet!? I have been riding super bikes all my life! As I got underway, I thought hmmm quite punchy, takes off quite well. Sitting upright, my arse started to hurt before I got home, a trip of a whole 9 miles. Not good, but I quite enjoyed the ride.

Time for another try…

The next morning comes and decided to take it for a longer ride out: Tee shirt, no gloves just enjoying the weather (I know, I know…) One thing I did notice, a couple of other bikers thought they could pass me, I even had a Audi driver race me off the lights! These things never happen on my GSXR, and I didn’t let it happen on the Triumph! I got the impression others see me cruising in a Tee shirt on a sit up style bike, they can take advantage and blow me away.

Changed Opinion:

Never mind, doesn’t interest me to be honest. Anyway, I just want to say that I have changed my opinion, I actually like the bike, I will never say another bad word about Triumph; each to there own. It’s not my type of bike, but still a nice ride, I certainly enjoyed it, another ride awaits before picking up my own bike. Oh the only one downside I thought: My left leg gets cooked by the heat radiating from the engine! I kept leaning my knee out, as the heat was burning me. That said, it wouldn’t stop me buying one…


Originally posted in the ‘Over 50 UK, still on two wheels with engine and loving it’ FB group