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    harry h1

    i got a zxr h1 that just wont start after it was left in the rain over night, i think water in the fuel tank as the seal on the cap is dodgy… drained tank and carbs but still no life in her, spark is good and it turns over… thinking of a carb strip n clean next…. anyone got any other ideas as im getting the shakes from not riding….


    Fuel filter? Otherwise I think cleaning the carbs is your best bet. Welcome to the forum.

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    harry h1

    cheers 4 the reply radar…
    i didnt say in the frist message that i already changed the fuel filter and checked the pump is working…
    now ive just gotta find a carb rebuld kit, the only place ive found them is on the factory web site but thats based
    in the u.s.
    know any good parts sites?…

    GSX Rat

    wrap it up in a big plastic bag, make a small hole in the top and gather the bag neck up but leave it open – drain the carbs and the tank and blow a hairdryer on low heat thru the bag neck for a few hours. This will dry out every drop of water in the carbs. The alternative which works better but isn’t quite so wife friendly (trust me – i know) is to wheel it thru the front door, into the front room, put the gas fire on full and leave it a few hours. This will dry out any water left in the carbs, airbox etc – fill it with fresh petrol and jobs a goodun….

    You can get away with the front room if you send her out shopping and remove it before she gets home. However, other things to consider are:
    1 The tyre marks on the hall carpet – woops
    2 The oil on the front room floor – no carpet – lucky!
    3 The exhaust smell in the front room, yes i tried it in there rather than wheel it out!

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    harry h1

    done the carb drain, cleaned a load of crap out of the float bowls..
    theres no water left now but found another problem on the way as you do…
    the float bowls a’int refilling with fuel, im thinking a block from fuel line to carbs as pipes are clear and its pump fuel ok…
    next step is hitting it with a sledge hammer and dumping it in the river….
    gotta go im off to but a sledge hammer….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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