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    I’ve recently bought a 1996 ZX9 and it has been blowing radiator pipes. It seems to be building up pressure after a ride and I have seen the pipes expand and eventually blow. I have now replaced 4 hoses, the radiator cap and thermostat. It does not overheat, just blows pipes. The bike had been sitting for approx 1 to 2 yrs before I bought it. Hopefully the pipes could have perished and just needed replacing. Also when the pressure builds up it does not seem to pump back into the overflow unit, just blows a pipe. I hope this makes sense as I am not able to take this further without help and need to find an answer soon or pay the big cost of a garage repair.

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    make sure you have the correct rad cap, as they have different pressure ratings. If this is right then check that the small tube from the rad cap to the expansion bottle is clear, and the tube that vents the bottle is clear too – pull the tube off at the rad cap end and blow thru it, there should be no resistance – that is the only pressure relief on the system.

    One other thing – you have fitted the stat the right way round haven’t you…….

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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