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    A former police officer dubbed Robocop for his zero-tolerance approach to crime has been clocked doing 75mph in a 50mph zone on the M6.

    Ray Mallon, who is now Mayor of Middlesbrough, was caught by the speed camera as he drove through a section of road works on the motorway three weeks ago.

    The former detective superintendent said he would pay the £60 fine and accept the three penalty points on his licence.
    He told The Northern Echo: “I could have appealed against the fine because the warning sign was not lit up, which by law it has to be.
    “But everyone makes mistakes and I just accepted it. It is the first time I have had any endorsements on my licence and I thought I should just pay the £60 fine – it’s just one of those things.”
    While head of CID in Middlesbrough Mr Mallon pioneered zero-tolerance policing in Britain.

    He quit Cleveland Police two years ago to stand for election as Mayor of Middlesbrough after being suspended during the long-running Operation Lancet inquiry.

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