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    Great Little Bike

    My brother in law and fellow forum member owns a Yamaha 125. The YBR is his first bike and good starting point for his biking career. He was good enough to let me out on his recently acquired machine. For me it was a welcome biking ‘fix’ this week as on was on a family family holiday up in Northumberland.

    Neat and well presented. Sorry about the bins!

    I took the YBR for a 15 mile run in and around Morpeth. This is a good journey length on a 125 to get a feel for what it would be like day to day. Typically 125 riders stick within a family small radius. I must admit to thoroughly enjoying myself. The engine is whisper quiet and on the move can barely be heard. The performance offered up to 50 mph is brisk enough for good progress in town. The the disc front brake copes well with that level of performance on offer.

    Getting out of puff

    Out of town the bike runs out of puff at about 55 mph, but can be coaxed to an indicated 60 reasonably easily. It seemed to be restricted at about 8500 rpm and the ability to rev a bit more and give a 70 mph top speed. This would make riding on a larger A roads a little more relaxed. However I am not the most svelte of build: A more typical owner might have a significantly better power to weight ratio than I!

    YBR125 clocks

    Simple, logical clocks – all the key info you need!

    An Ideal First Bike

    Handling was adequate for the performance and the bike was surprisingly roomy and comfortable for a 125. Perhaps a used example would be a better choice than the many cheap Chinese 125 on the market? So all in all the little Yamaha cracking first bike or commuter.

    Words and Pictures: Tony Donnelly

    Another 125 to consider is the Suzuki EN125. I ran an example for about two years and enjoyed it.




    Did a nice 80 mile trip around the Northumberland coast today, managed 68mph on the A1, down a hill.


    Interesting reading this again, I squeezed 63 mph out of my EN125 Suzuki!


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