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    Took a 1986 one of these out for a blast today.  Quite liked the rorty exhaust note and the slimline, ‘flickable’ handling.  Got to say though, it reminded me of a CB100 on steroids!

    Simple, pure and basic

    I can see why these have become such a sought after classic bike, they really are quite unique.  That said, I tried a ’93 Zephyr 550 afterwards and it was so easy to ride after the Yam it was almost riding itself.  Perhaps an hour in the saddle of the Yam would give me a bit more of an idea of how to get the best from that engine.  Redline at 7k takes some getting used to when you’re used to a revvy 4-cylinder.

    For a town bike, for me, the jury is out for a while….


    I wish my CB100N went as well as that SRX! I remember getting some air over a humped back bridge when I rode it…two up as well. I think they are great fun to ride, but just wish they had an electric foot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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