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    I’m looking for a 125 to buy and at the moment im thinking of either the aprilia rs125 (newest model) or the hyosung dt 125 r.

    How ever both have their pros and cons:
    the aprilia rs125 is faster but more expensive, is only a 2 stroke and is more likely to blow up ¬.¬

    the hyosung gt125r is cheaper, looks much better, is a 4 stroke engine and more reliable

    but then to mess things up i have found a aprilia for £2200, the bike is in near mint condition, all the needs doing to the bike to make it perfectly mint is the bellypan sticker replacing.new back pads and the exhaust chambre is abit rusty. It also comes with a leather jacket and helmet the has been used 4 times max. and the guy said he would knock £200 off it to help me pay to get it from plymouth to where i live (which is about 300 miles)

    so yeah i just want everyone’s views on what is the best 125 to get!



    my heart says the aprilia, head says get a four stroke (less hassle lol)
    I had an aprilia rs125 (an older one some years ago), loved it, never had any problems, but then I serviced it regularly and looked after it like a baby, kept it mint. The aprilia is a lovely bike, but not one that takes well to neglect.


    Welcome to the forum.

    Like Gix my heart says goes for Italian flair and 2 stroke kicks, while my head says the Hyosung.

    It is a tough call but I would go with the Hyosung to learn your stripes and then once you have passed your test get yourself a bike to have more fun on.

    Steer clear of the myriad Chinese bikes on the market.

    Either way I think you will enjoy yourself and let us know how you get on.

    In the meantime this link will help you take a look around the site.


    GSF K1

    Whilst learning at the early stages, stick to a 4 stroke.. its more forgiving! Get some serious mileage under yourbelt and learn some “self defence”… then move up to the fun stuff!!!!!

    And stay away from Chinese crap!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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