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    When is a ride out not a ride out? When we can’t be arsed and have a mug of tea and bacon sarnie to hand…

    Last Sunday we had grand plans to meet up and ride along the roads that trace the route of the Severn Valley Railway as it tracks north from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth. Each station on the line was having a display of classic cars and bikes….good stuff.

    I rolled out the MV from the garage and Thumper and Katana rode over to join me. We sat down for a cuppa and buttie and that was as far we got…still we had a good morning talking crap and drinking tea…so all is good with the world!

    I got the MV out of the garage…

    But then we got distracted…

    Look it even has little Harley logos embedded in the tyres…it really does!

    At least these two did a little riding..if only home and back!

    Must try harder…the story of my life

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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