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    We have all had one at some stage of our lives. Mine was a Yam XS650, not but I dislike the bike, it’s just that mine was possessed or something! Really grew to hate it.

    I wont mention the HD! (never again)!!!

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    My worst was a 1978 Kawasaki KH250B5 that I hand in 1986 for a while.

    About as dependable as Arthur Daley or Del Boy!!

    For the 15 mins at a time I could get it to run properly it was lovely.

    Most of the time – junk. Broke down 3 or 4 times in 7 miles once!!

    The centrestand collapsed etc etc etc etc

    Never had another Kwak…now Yamahas..another story altogether!

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    The worst bike I ever had has got to be a crappy Yamaha RXS100. Damn deathtrap that used to wobble badly when it was going anything but in a straight line! Rear suspension was shagged! No stand, centre or side. Use to have to lean it up against a wall! Unreliable? It used to spend most of its time in the shed cos it was well and truly knackered!

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!

    Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to do it.


    Funnily enough I have quite fond memories of an RXS 100 although the one I rode was quite new and in good nick.
    My worst bike was an old ’84 GPZ 750 – absolute rubbish, went like a bag of spanners and didn’t really handle at all.
    Eventually blew it up following my mate on his 916 !! Bought a Fireblade the following week [:D]


    The worst bike was a 85 BMW R100RT unless you are planning a world trip or sit back wiyh the oipe and slipers Dont Touch.
    Best Bike Yamaha YZF1000r Thunderace the one I drive now.



    I had a 250 super (wet)dream – in metalic blue. never gone anywhere near a Honda since.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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