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    For me the bike that totally blew me away when I first rode it was the Ducati 907ie. My chance came in 1990 when I managed to blag the demonstrator from Chris Clarke Motorcycles in Wymondham Norfolk.
    At the time it looked like nothing else and the engine just seemed an absolute peach, that delicious V twin growl and instant low down response. It was a complete contrast to the RD350YPVS that I was riding at the time, and wanted it so badly. I even took it home to show the wife, who showed about as much interest as a Iron maiden fan at a Abba concert! But it was £7000 and my first child had just been born…bit of a non-starter then.
    I still hanker after the first “modern” Ducati, but every time I go to buy a bike I always seem to come back with a Yamaha!


    RSV Mille. If I win the lottery that’s the one for me, it was sooooo nice.

    I’ve donated to the forum, have you?


    A tuned ZX6 Kawa with perfect handling


    My old GS850 Rigid. 17 years ago I acquired this bike from a guy in Wakefield and it handled like a dream, I am not sure if the frame was perfect engineering or sheer luck, but you would never have known she was a rigid. It may have been that it was the size of me that balanced it, as you can see I made it look like an old AP50. They were the days when there wasn’t any nights!


    PS Both the tash and pony-tail no longer exist….

    Best Regards
    Stuart XV16

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    Ah, so that’s what David Seaman rides then? [;)]

    Seriously though, nice bike XV


    Nice bike. I quite like the rider too! [:D][:p]

    Rebel with a cause!

    The roads are my race track!!

    GSX Rat

    The best bike i have ever ridden has to be an old honda c50 field bike when i was 13, down an old disused railway track behind our house. Reason? – it started me off with a love of bikes that has continued to this day!

    GSX750 Ratfighter / SR125 Rat / GSX600F / Beamish250 / Honda70 Rat

    Blackboard paint – Covers a multitude of sins!

    Urban Terrorist

    My old drag bike was the fastest, GSXR1100 bored ot to 1260 with 3 stage nitrous!! Shame I crashed it at Santa Pod 97, only the rear wheel was left in is proper state!!

    But the AR125’s the best I’ve ridden so far!! Does 110 flat out, out handles most bikes cost’s pittance to run and only costs £70 to insure!!!

    And it looks nothing like anything else on the roads!!!

    More than 2-strokes is masturbation!!


    GSXR sounds fantastic! If I can add another to the list it is the bike I rode today which was the Moto Guzzi Coppa Italia V11. It is a 90 degree V-twin and it is very different to all the other bikes I have ridden. The power delivery is smooth but the engine sounds like no other engine when you ride hard. I want one!!


    I have always enjoyed riding Guzzi’s too. Nearly bought a 650 Lario recently.
    Rode a LeMans, a Cali and old V50. All lovely and very different to Jap stuff.

    I started biking on a C50 too. No MOT/Tax/insurance or licence thrashing two up around the roads where I lived then. Great fun.

    Donate – it makes you feel good!


    You never forget your first time i was 16 and was offered a pillon ride on a kawasaki Z1300 You couldn’t remove the smile from my face[:D]
    What a bike it still lives although i hear it is now lying in a garage needing some attention.
    Maybe oe day.


    A raleigh Chopper, you cannot touch em’, new model recently out.

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