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    After my off at Cadwell Park on Easter Monday I was mostly sitting around licking my wounds!

    Am very fortunate to be in the forces, and that has ment that money has still been heading my way in the form of full pay while off sick… That aint ment as a gloat, just a relief for me with the amount of crap I have on finance, including me new gixer 750 ;)

    Anyways… Due to being in the Royal Navy it has ment I am now for the 2nd time being treated over at RAF Headley Court near Leatherhead and just down the road from Box Hill. RAF Headley Court is the Tri-Service Re-Hab centre and imo is the best place for a broken back and pelvis to be treated once the bones have fused :)


    The buildings and grounds are awesome to look at and really do help with the poor lads and lasses who have lost limbs and suffered brain injuries etc. They are all a fantastic bunch of peeps and it is very humbling to see how well they are just cracking on and doing what they can to deal with everyday life!

    This isn’t about that tho… if it was I could have even the roughtiest, toughtiest bikers amongst you in tears about their stories of their horrific injuries! :(

    Just wanted to let you know what I am upto at the mo…

    My days start with a warm up which is rather silly and normally involves prancing about to the cheeky girls [:I]

    I am spending around 4hrs in the gym each day, doing various activities from the usual CV; running machienes and exercise bikes to stretching exercises; these concentrate on core strength and mobility, its amasing the difference a good stretch can make :) We are also doing weights. Sitting on a machine that looks like a medevil torture device fitted with padding always seemed a stupid idea to me but on the average day there it is the thing I enjoy the most, I feel so much more confident about everything now after just a couple of weeks :D

    We also do RT (Recreational Therapy) This normally involves sitting on a space hopper with no handles tryin to balance… simple yeah? Nope… Then we have to play tennis while staying on the space hopper LOL! We do various other games ranging from bowls to skittles… All with a lil twist ;)

    Today was a good day… We skipped the warm ups and went to the swimming pool; love swimming so a good start to the day! Then after a bit in the gym and lunch we went out on a 20 mile bicycle ride through stinging nettles, mud, horse poo and really steep rocky hills both up and down them…. Sounds like hell to me but was such a laugh! We even found time to stop at a pub for a j20 & lemonade! :p

    So my friends, I’d just like you to know that although the Armed Forces are under funded, they do some things right… I feel fantastic generally (some back probs and hip aches) Tis a really great place. They also take on a limeted no of civillians so if you a bit broken like I was, it may be worth tryin to get in there for your re-hab… only 6 civvies at a time tho so you need to be a good candidate…. Hope none of you never need this treatment tho :)

    Hope this was interesting… Think it was mainly waffle but I love waffles and fosters… and I’ve had a few of them tonight too ;) *hic* LOL


    Superb piccies and words 247, and great to see the forces are treating you right. The long grassed section between the hedges is begging to be attacked with a crosser!
    Seiously, good luck with the continuing recovery and hope to see you on a rideout sometime soon!


    Good Luck to you Pete247, I agree that places like these and the locations they are in are justly required for very harmonious rehabilitation, after all, our Forces Personnel are prepared to lay near on everything on the line in defence of our nation. For 14 years I was on call at anytime to “Keep the peace” in the Wyre Forest area which is not exactly “gun city” but the knowledge that you COULD come off worse when on duty was something that you just lived with and got used to. Now I may be also waffling on a bit, but in my defence several cans of Special Brew per night just might be to blame. GET WELL SOON!


    Had some not so happy news today from my physio….

    She thinks I may have some kind of tear in the cartilidge between my hip ball and pelvis cup from the fracture, if this is the case then I’ll me needing surgery to remedy it!

    Am not concerned about the surery as its a minor op aparently and would be done by keyhole, am sure it will be a tad painful tho as its between the two bones. Its more that I will be back to having restricted mobility while it heals up again and that does scare me… ok scare too strong… concerns me. I was going stir crazy while out of action before, still have the hair loss from stress related allopetia and me head looks a bit like a globe now LOL.

    Am sure whatever the outcome will be fine tho and hope that my re-hab from the op is carried out at Headley Court!


    Got to get sorted Pete at least the lay up will be over winter


    will only be for a short time anyway! Still not looking forward to no bike for however long I am not allowed to ride, winter or summer, have no car so if cant ride bike then cant travel anywhere :(

    But yeah tis better to sort it now rather than wait till its worse… and if its what they think it will deteriate unless its operated on


    You know it makes sense Pete, how about a cheap car. Will help preserve the Suzuki and Triumph anyway


    nah, have given up on cars, have a citroen AX available for me to use and insured instead of my MG, but it needs work, and tax

    Have too many outgoings to add to them. Like I say it’ll only be for a short period, tis just frustrating that to take steps forward I have to take steps back!

    Hopefully find out on Monday if they authorising the scan


    Just received an email from 10 Downing St petitions peeps….


    I knew bout the news before but its good that its all been approved…. These petitions do seem to work when they not rediculous argumaents :)

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