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    That stuff about God Allah and Budha set me thinking:

    Here is what I think a few famous people might ride:

    Yoda from Star Wars: Honda Monkey Bike, but the power of “The Force” would mean it was quicker than a Fireblade…

    Darth Vader: Has to be a Yamaha V-Max!!

    Captain Kirk: Tough one, maybe a Yamaha XJ650 Turbo?

    Lister from Red Dwarf: Ratty Kawasaki Z650 with a seriously lound Alpha 4 into 1. No MOT or tax.

    Rimmer (also from Red Dwarf): Tomos A3K – remember in the mid 1980’s when you could buy these from Woolworths!!

    Osama Bin Laden: Suzuki DRZ400, good off road and on. His must be fitted with a cloaking device as nobody can find him! Wonder if he has got Saddam on the back?

    Fiedel Castro (Cuban leader) : See him on a Moto Guzzi leMans I for some reason.

    Few people I am struggling with, what do you lot reckon this lot might ride:

    Noddy Holder from 70’s rock band Slade
    Jimi Hendrix
    Charlie Chaplin
    Buster Keaton
    Blake from Blake’s 7
    Buck Rogers (Altough I think the 25th Century one would go for a Suzuki RF900).
    Flash Gordon
    Mother Teresa of Calcultta
    Gadaffi of Libya.
    Doctor Who.

    I do like to address important issues of the day!
    I am looking forward to some good answers here.

    If this lot were all bikers imagine them turning up for a club meeting or a Rally! Surreal or what?


    Spock has got to ride a Kawasaki VN800 (Vulcan – get it?)


    I think…

    Noddy Holder from 70’s rock band Slade- Merry Xmas E’body T- Cat special
    Jimi Hendrix – Electric Scooter
    Charlie Chaplin – a fold up scooter doubles up as a walking stick
    Buster Keaton – Ducati 916 cos there always bustin down.
    Spock – Yes agree the Vulcan.
    Blake from Blake’s 7 – Aprilla 600 Stark
    Buck Rogers – B-Wizz
    Flash Gordon – CX500 Turbo with the pop up headlight and back to front writing
    Mother Teresa of Calcultta – Formula 1 sidecar outfit for somewhere to keep her ‘nasty habit’
    Gadaffi of Libya. – Armstong in Camel livery
    Doctor Who. – Ducati Tardisamoto
    Radar- “Thundercats are on the loose, thudercats are here!” Say hello to Liono for me!



    Ah yes, the Tomos bikes from Woolies. I remember them with no affection whatsoever. Horrible little things.


    [}:)][xx(]I am just worried that I remembered the A3K bit…


    What’s a b-wizz Radar?


    A B-Wizz is a Yamaha XW50 twist and go


    Sorry, typo, I meant CW50


    Thanks Scouser, I really am not genned up on these scooter things. Guess they’re running out of names.


    I really like this topic and now we have a few more members I want some more replies!


    Jimi Hendrix would have a bike engined Lotus Seven replica because it’s got 2 Fenders.


    Ok then Radar,

    Fatty Arbuckle – Harley Fatboy
    Luke Skywalker – BSA Red Rocket
    Val Doonican – Varadero XL1000
    Scott Tracey – Triumph Thunderbird
    Radar – Hesketh (because of the SWL (safe working load))
    Tony Blair – Brough Superior (becoz he thinks he is)
    Conan the Barbarian – Fireblade or Katana
    Monica Lewinski – Swallow side car[:0]!
    Rasputin – Cossack
    Arnie – Norton Commando
    Stephen Hawkins – Quasar (with stabilisers)
    Rocky – Any KTM

    Go on then carry it on![:p]


    Radar/Hesketh analogy – He, he, he.
    Don’t worry Radar, I’ve saved you the bother and posted a Scouse gag in the jokes section.

    Impartial as ever…..


    Martin Luther King – he actually told us what he rides:
    “I have a Dream!”
    Honda man then!


    Oh well, if they’re telling us what they ride now, didn’t Neil Armstrong say “One small step-thru for man”?

    And wasn’t it Admiral Nelson who said “Kiss me R.D.”?

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