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    Cop for this one (borrowed from another forum)!!

    It just gets better and better!!!

    Furious Mark Mower is demanding an apology from Cumbria’s cops after being cautioned for driving too slowly!

    Mark (nuclear process worker) was driving past a primary school at school break time and obeyed the sign saying “kill your speed!” He crawled over the humps at 5mph to protect pedestrians and his Merc SLK. He was heading North towards Whitehaven and turned right – off the main road into 20mph zone with doorstep humps!

    A police transit van turned left after him, and flashed his lights at Mark – who pulled in assuming the van wanted to pass. The van put on his blue lights, and Mark stopped outside the infant school.

    He was flabbergasted to be informed that he was “driving too slowly over the speed humps!” and got ticking off and a caution!

    A bemused Mark said: “With all the furore over speed cameras I find it ridiculous that i was stopped for going too slowly past a school! Also the speed humps are steep and I always go over them at 5mph because I do not want to damage my car!”

    He has written to the Chief Con artist asking for an explanation! And would like to know the minimum speed for a 20mph zone!

    A Cumbrian police spokesman said they “will look into the matter and will contact Mr Mower when they have spoken to the officer concerned!”

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