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    Welcome aboard mate. Why no posts – be good to hear your opinions on biking, what you ride etc.
    Check out the scooter section.



    i once had a moped called a norman nippy if your posts are as nippy as that moped was youl get here eventualy
    ps welcome in


    Thanks guys
    Well in the fullness of time some of my more memorable stories will be extracted via Radar or my willingness to seek forgiveness.

    Perhaps the chapters could be set out as follows:
    (sub headings are a clue)
    Yellow & Black FS1E (salisbury plain, Slough & surgical implants)
    RS100 (M4 and the nervous clutch grip)
    Royal Enfield Bullit 500 (starting and stopping)
    860 GTS (M3 and Princess Di – god rest her soul)
    Jota (moonlight nights, M3 again…. county borders and blue lights)
    FT500 (thats a story in its own right!)
    CBX550 (Black clouds & garden fences)
    Morini 350 (bits&bobs)
    FT500 (yes another one – RD350LC – eh Radar?)
    CBR600 (Italy- if you haven’t been you have GOT to!!)
    Transalp (The Alps!!!)
    Fireblade (Police down under)
    and who can forget the Honda Vision……. read the scooters section for an insight.

    Perhaps, I should leave now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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