Wall of death rider ‘clipped colleague’s wheel’ (BBC)

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    I saw this lot in action a few years ago, impressive and the danger is cleary all too real!


    Wall of death rider ‘clipped colleague’s wheel’


    A motorcycle stunt rider clipped a colleague’s wheel and plunged to the ground on a wall of death carnival show in Norfolk, it has emerged.
    Ken Wolfe was hurt while taking part in a display at the Gorleston Clifftop Festival at 14:15 BST on Saturday.
    He was taken to the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston with a suspected fractured skull.
    It emerged after tests that he has a broken collar bone and bruising but he vowed to be back in the saddle soon.
    Mr Wolfe is expected to be released from hospital in the next day or so.
    The wall of death is a motorcycle show in which people ride at speed around a vertical track performing tricks and stunts on 1920 Indian Scout bikes.

    Mr Wolfe performs with the Cornwall-based Ken Fox Troupe whose manager revealed details of the accident and how the two bikes had touched.
    A message on the troupe’s Facebook page said: “As you may have seen on the news Ken Wolfe fell riding today. Just to let everyone know he is safe and well and on the mend.”
    Last year the troupe’s leader Ken Fox was injured in a performance at the Royal Cornwall Show in Wadebridge.
    Mr Fox fell from the top of the cylindrical track but escaped serious injury.


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