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    Victory motorcycles have been about for a few years now, and whilst they don’t have the history of a Harley Davidson or an Indian, they are very much an all American affair as part of the same group that makes skidoos…Polaris.
    The Octane is the entry level model, targeted at Harley’s Sporster range, and perhaps even the Indian Scout with which it shares engine, frame and many other parts I believe. It has a more sporty look than it’s Indian brother… a cockpit fairing, simpler seat, less fussy clocks and a different front wheel. I rode the bike on the same day as I tried the Scout and it made for an interesting comparison. Overall the bikes feel very similar, but the Octane is definitely the sportier of the two. But in terms of performance, handling brakes etc there really is little between them.

    Surely the ideal look for the Dark Lord??

    The 1200 V twin gives strong performance up t a point and the handling is re assuring for a low slung bike with feet forward pegs. I swept around corners on our twenty mile rural route with a verve that surprised me. It was fun to ride. I was in a line of bikes been led by an out rider from the importer (I was riding a demo bike as part of a dealer open day). Normally I wouldn’t like this, but a when you are in a line of American V twins this feels sort of right and you begin imagine you are in biker gang! I it is all a bit ‘Wild Hogs’ and none the worse for it!

    Clean, fuss free…

    So another cracking bike and a left field choice rather than the default HD option. But for me the more sporting feel actually wasn’t right…if you want a sporting feel, buy an inherently sporting bike…..not a cruiser with a cockpit fairing.  For this reason alone I preferred the Indian Scout with its more laid back nature. However speaking to other people who tried both bikes, I seemed to be in the minority.

    Another bike where I can touch the floor!

    Thanks to Midwest Motos for the chance to ride this interesting machine…

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